Four Colour Thoughts – Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #1

The Creators – Anthony Del Col – Writer, Werther Dell’Edera – Artist, Stefano Simeone – Colours, Simon Bowland – Letters

The Players – Frank Hardy, Joe Hardy, Nancy Drew, Chief Collig

The Story – Fenton Hardy, father of Frank and Joe, has committed suicide after being charged for corruption and being shunned by all those that once respected him. The Hardy’s know differently though, believing that their father was innocent, framed for his crimes and that in the end, he was murdered for it. Nobody else believes them, nobody that is, except Nancy Drew.

The Take – Anthony Del Col and Werther Dell’Edera bring back the classic Edward Stratemeyer-created characters for a new audience and in doing so; weave a new mystery, one that the boys never thought they would ever have to investigate. The death of a father is a hard thing and while it looks like the boys are at complete odds with each other because of the events surrounding it, it could not be farther from the truth. Del Col sets the book firmly in the now and gives it an edge – a darker, pulpier feel than the characters are known for. This story is no rehash of what has come before and is not the mystery of the week type of tale that usually permeated the books of old. For those that might have been hesitant about picking the book up due to that fact, there is no need for worry – this story was made for today and so far, could not be off to a better start. Dell’Edera provides some truly dynamic pencils showcasing two styles, one with a retro vibe for those flashback scenes and a more current rendering for the remainder of the book which takes place in the present. All of it works perfectly together to create a very tension-filled riddle, one that the boys are going to need help with and thankfully, Nancy Drew is the one to give them that aid. As an added little bonus for those eagle-eyed readers, Del Col even throws in a mention of the Bobbsey Twins – Nan and Bert, another Stratemeyer creation. A very welcome addition to the Dynamite library, especially for those fans of the original novels, no matter the series, yet written with new readers in mind.

Worth It? – Yes

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