Singing, Seduction and Murder – Point of Terror (1971)

When thinking of trashy films, it is hard not to think about Point of Terror released in 1971. For the most part, it could be called awful, but it is so hilariously awful, that it ends up being immensely enjoyable. Point of Terror falls into that rare sub-genre of ‘so bad it’s good,’ and once viewed, it is not a picture that anyone could say they would not watch again. Charm might be an appropriate word to sum up the movie, but then again, maybe not. It has that je ne sais quoi quality about it and that may be the best way to ultimately describe it.

Starring Peter Carpenter as a Tom Jones-lite lounge singer looking to make it big, the movie has everything a low budget usually brings with it including bad dialogue, hammy acting, some violence and a little nudity to boot. The music in the film is often cheesy and forgettable at best, but one has to give Carpenter credit as he is really not that bad a singer and would provide a few of the movie’s brighter spots. The film would also surprisingly feature Ilsa the She-Wolf herself – Dyanne Thorne as the femme fatale and a woman who is more than a match for Carpenter’s character. On his way to fame, Carpenter has relations with a number of ladies including Thorne’s character, who is not only rich, but also happens to own a record label. As things progress, animosity soon erupts which then leads to murder. Despite the title of the film, there is little to no horror present except for the act of killing itself, and perhaps some of the clothes that Carpenter and the various women tend to wear. When all is said and done, a little horror could have been a good thing, though perhaps, the real horror is that moment during the conclusion of the film when all is made apparent.

Sometimes all one needs is a silly little picture to pass the time and there is no better candidate than this one. It is a strange beast that despite all of its shortcomings, they actually turned out to be positives and even more so, made for a very entertaining film. It is not often that a B picture, or even a C, D or whatever grade movie ends up being as good as Point of Terror did, but suffice it to say, if given the chance to watch it, take it.

2 out of 5

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