Four Colour Thoughts – Savage Things #1

savage-things-1The Creators – Justin Jordan – Writer, Ibrahim Moustafa – Artist, Jordan Boyd – Colours, Josh Reed – Letters

The Players – Abel, Cain, Dr. Koenig, Kira, Mr. Proctor, Miss Abernathy

The Story – In the past, 25 years previous, a young boy’s parents are murdered and he is in turn recruited into a secret training program for sociopaths by the United States of America. In the present, said boy is all grown up and is being hunted down to work(?) for Uncle Sam once again.

The Take – Justin Jordan knows how to write a good book and he knows just how to hook his audience into each and every story, this one included. The man brings in those elements that almost guarantee a rapt and returning reader including a shadowy government organization, a Dexter-like anti-hero who is probably as far away from a hero as one can be, a perfect crime and a Jason Bourne-like atmosphere. The question that begs then would be, is it any good? The answer would be yes. Jordan weaves it all together like a finely woven rug, moving between the past and the present effortlessly and all the while, keeping the mystery about it quite furtive with an underlying current of suspense. By the story’s end, one wants to know what is going to happen next, what happened in that twenty-five year stretch and how did that incident in the hotel where forty people died actually happen without anybody knowing? Matching the intrigue is the crisp and clean artwork by Ibrahim Moustafa and the muted colours by Jordan Boyd. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the script and really makes it exciting by the end of the book when the action starts to pick up, Moustafa’s lines on par with any Hollywood blockbuster. Savage Things starts off with a bang and if this issue is anything to go by, the rest of the series should be quite thrilling

Worth It? – Yes

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