Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Tranquil Thoughts

Sometimes what’s needed is to just sit back and relax and sure, maybe it might be Monday and maybe it is a work day, but with a group of songs like this, it will mellow you right out and perhaps set the mood for the long day ahead.  With tracks by Freedom Fry, Jacob Shipley and more, Tranquil Thougts is exactly what the doctor ordered.



0:00 Love by Tom Speight
2:58 Hold Me by Tors
5:49 Sweetest Thing by Allman Brown
9:23 Minimum by Charlie Cunningham
12:33 Songbird by Freedom Fry
15:35 Hugh Williams by Decfive
18:30 Come What May by The Tide Rose
22:22 Lies by Tye James
25:03 Pretend I’m Talking by Kevin Oberdick
28:59 Satellites by Marle Thomson
33:55 Things I Cannot Quit by Norma Jean Loves
38:07 Where’s My Love by SMYL
42:04 South Dakota by Jacob Shipley
48:05 This Could Be It For Us by FailureToFlyWithTheOthers
50:55 I’ll Be The One by Robert Tiernan
52:55 Girl In A Room by Antiqcool
57:43 Border Town by Boom Gallows

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