Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #50

doctor-strange-vol-2-50Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Marshall Rogers
Inker – Terry Austin
Colours – Marshall Rogers
Letters – Jim Novak

Once again, Morgana enters the life of Doctor Strange to make things a little uncomfortable for the man, this time at his home with Clea and Wong in attendance. One would think if she did make the Doctor so uncomfortable, he would simply ignore her or at the very least, admit that there was some sort of mutual feeling between the two. Why else would Strange introduce Clea only as his disciple and not his girlfriend? It is lucky for Stephen then that for the moment, Clea thinks nothing of it except as a simple business arrangement. With Roger Stern at the helm, readers have to know that there has to be more to it all than the simple excuse of research for a book. Putting the drama aside, Stern and Marshall Rogers break out the action as Baron Mordo returns yet again, having taken refuge as Morgana’s cat and this time, he means to make Strange pay for every wrong he has ever done to Mordo. Things spiral out of control as Mordo abducts Morgana and Clea and heads through time which leads Strange to encounter the Howling Commandos. As with previous issues, the artwork by Rogers is more lighthearted in nature, though it does tend to grow on you. What it does do in this story is lessen the sense of danger that Stern might be going for and reduces Baron Mordo from the merciless menace he has usually been painted as and ultimately, it is a slight disservice to the character who is one of the Doctor’s most fearsome foes. That being said, Rogers does happen to showcase some really phenomenal design work during the latter half of the book. It really draws the eye in with its complexity and one has to give the man credit for creating something so incredibly intricate. All in all, this was another decent tale that also happens to set the book up for the story’s big finale next issue.

3 out of 5

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  1. Wow, you really don’t care for Marshall Rogers….
    I’m not sure it’s really “growing on you” as you keep calling out how it’s a disservice to the story. You’ve got 3 more issues of his art to suffer through….

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