Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #48

doctor-strange-vol-2-48Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Marshall Rogers
Inker – Terry Austin
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Jim Novak

With this issue, it is declared that a new era begins and it is all due to the talents of Roger Stern and Marshall Rogers. While a new era it may be, it only feels as such in the artwork and it is sad to say that it does not live up to the standards of those artists who came before. In fact, if one happened to be a regular reader of the title, it is quite jarring. That is not to say that Rogers is a bad artist, but his particular style does not seem to fit the book as well as those previous to him. As for the story itself, the Sanctum Sanctorum is paid an unlikely visit by Brother Voodoo – a man looking for help against a rogue loa who goes by the name of Damballah. Said loa has been causing trouble, trying to hijack and possess Jericho’s body among others. Alone, Brother Voodoo is unable to defeat Damballah and though Strange agrees to help the man out, he finds it easier said than done. From this point onwards until the end of the book, Stern and Rogers fill it with mystic action and it ends up being pretty good as Strange has to think outside of the box for once as his opponent is a little different than the norm. As it is, magic is magic and Strange is the Master of the Mystic Arts meaning Damballah does not have a chance. Though Clea often stars alongside the good Doctor and once in a blue moon, the Ancient One as well, it is nice to see another magic-user enter the picture, someone new for Stephen to play off of. The man does not have a lot of peers, or at least so far as the book has shown, so when the occasion rises, it makes for something special. While it was a good issue overall, it would have been far better with somebody else on the pencilling side of things. It was not all bad, the book has simply seen better and thankfully the story balanced things out.

3 out of 5

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  1. Nice review! I haven’t read much Doctor Strange but I’m currently making my way through the Lee/Ditko run. Shame to hear the art isn’t up to scratch here, especially dissapointing to hear given that it’s Marshall Rogers who’s run on Batman (with Steve Engleheart) was rather classic.

    I’m definitely going to be checking out more Strange, just a shame the film couldn’t have been a bit more a bit darker/ more mysterious in tone with the comics.

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    • It was not that Rogers art was bad per se, it simply did not fit the book in any way whatsoever. When the 47 issues of the book preceding it set a dark, horror-tinged tone and then someone comes in to make it Saturday cartoon-like after that, it simply does not gel.

      As for the Lee/Ditko run, it was a classic. At times I found it a little hard to get through, but overall, it gave us what he have today and cannot be overlooked.

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