Issue by Issue – The Demon #1

the-demon-1Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer

There was a time when DC Comics wanted to increase their weird adventure and horror line of comics and so asked Jack Kirby to come up with a couple of pitches/concepts. One of them was a post-apocalyptic adventure title soon to become known as Kamandi and the other was The Demon. While not wanting to be the full-time creator on the book, unbeknownst to Kirby, his Fourth World titles would be ending and the rest as they say is history. As it is, The Demon is a book packed with excitement and big ideas, two things that Kirby always brought to the table. The first issue is an origin story, starting off in the past during the time of Merlin who is currently finding himself beset upon by the forces of Morgaine Le Fey. Merlin knows that even with the Demon’s help, there is no possibility that he can be victorious and there is no way that he can allow Morgaine to put her hands upon the Eternity book. It is here that Merlin disappears and Jason Blood’s long existence through the years begins. Cutting to the present, the current incarnation of Blood is a puzzle of a man. He has memories of times past, yet they are vague and he never seems to age. Despite the mystery surrounding the man, Kirby has a plan for the man and it is not too long before the Demon awakens once again. Adding to the highly imaginative story are the phenomenal pencils that only Kirby can deliver. The Demon himself is a visual treat, with his golden skin and blood-red costume and flowing cape. He is a fearsome beast and Kirby manages to instill a menace about the character that he has rarely done before. One thing that is noticeable with this first issue is just how detailed the artwork happens to be. Prior to this, Kirby’s work was always powerful, but the man truly outdid himself on this book giving his long-time partner in crime Mike Royer more work than usual. For readers, there is a lot to love on this book as it is a bit of a hodgepodge of genres including fantasy, horror and drama. So with a villainous threat is Morgaine Le Fey, a mystery in Merlin and a protagonist from the fiery pits, The Demon begins its title in fantastic style.

5 out of 5

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