Issue by Issue – Shogun Warriors #9

shogun-warriors-9Writer – Doug Moench
Artist – Herb Trimpe
Inker – Jack Abel
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Diana Albers

Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe continue to introduce new perils to endanger the team and next up is Ilongo and his love interest Judith who come face to face with a monster of the deep. Richard had it easy against Cerberus compared to what Ilongo now faces, as he and Judith are currently underwater and no Shogun Warrior in sight. Luckily, Doctor Tambura is on top of everything and Danguard Ace is soon transported beneath the waves where its pilot waits impatiently. Moench and Trimpe give Ilongo the fight of his life and while they do that, the book cuts away to Genji who is currently before a judge and defending her life as it were, in a different sort of way. At the moment, Genji is being labelled a traitor and her current defensive argument is weak as she is not able to tell the court the truth. Together, the two heroes paint a very different, yet similar portrait and Moench makes the book incredibly interesting because of it. One thing that begs an answer is the relationship between the monsters, if related they even be. It cannot be a coincidence that Richard is attacked after just arriving home and then the very same thing now happens to Ilongo. It is quite the mystery that Moench weaves and he goes even further to bring in some very furtive men in black. They too cannot just be a coincidence and it makes one wonder if there is some sort of shadowy government agency or villainous group looking to put the hurt on the Shogun Warriors. Even further, how would this mysterious group if they exist, know about the Followers of the Light? For his part, Trimpe just seems to get better and better all the time, his artwork becoming far more exciting with every passing issue. By the end of the story, if it was not already guessed at, a third creature rears its head and this one has Genji in its sights. A truly fun book, Shogun Warriors continues to bring the action and excitement with the next issue promising more of the same.

4 out of 5
shogun-warriors-9-a shogun-warriors-9-b

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