An Unfortunate Accident – Track of the Moon Beast (1976)

Track of the Moon Beast is not a fantastic movie by any definition of the word, but it is not all that bad either. It was obviously shot on a budget and there are times when viewers can tell when the makers of this film cheapened out, but it is inherently entertaining and that more than anything else is why a person watches a movie in the first place. Could it have been better? Of course, most things could always be improved upon, but such as it is, it was not absolutely terrible.

track-of-the-moon-beast-4The story involves a man named Paul who was struck by a bit of a meteor and because of it, transforms into a reptilian-like creature whenever the moon hits the sky. As he becomes a monster, he does what most monsters do and starts killing, which eventually will lead to his demise.

The character of Paul as played by Chase Cordell is your average Larry Talbot-type, a man who is unaware of what he is, one who evokes a bit of sympathy from the viewer and a man who is self-aware and realizes that something has to be done about his condition before it gets any worse. Unlike Talbot, Paul’s tragic nature is never played upon as strongly as it could have been and what was exploited, not eloquently enough. So while one might feel a little sorry for the man because he does transform into a monster which is not something that anyone would wish for themselves, there is little pity. track-of-the-moon-beast-5Part of that can be attributed to the script for not being very strong, the dialogue being a little stilted and lacklustre. It might have sufficed if the actors had been a little better as well, particularly Leigh Drake who played the female lead and simply seemed right out of it at times.

That aside, it does manage to hold your interest, if only to see the creature appear for the very first time. It is not very good and as a horror film, it fails completely for the rubber suit is not all that great, but Track of the Moon Beast still ends up being worth a watch. It is a forgettable one to be sure, but there are films far worse than this and this one is not as bad as many make it out to be.

2 out of 5



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