Saturday Soundtracks – Mad Max

madmaxcoverMad Max is a science-fiction film about a dystopian future, one where supplies are scarce and people try to carve out their own little piece of the world.  Starring Mel Gibson and taking place in Australia, the film is one of the best of the genre thanks to director George Miller and when it came time to do the soundtrack, he and the producers eventually settled on composer Brian May.  This is not that soundtrack.  Instead what is presented here is an alternate re-score by a group called Morricone Youth, a band formed some twenty years after the film was first released.  At first one might think why they would have the gall to try and possibly out-do what was already a classic soundtrack, but that is obviously not their intention.  What they have done is more like an homage, a love-letter to a past work or simply put – a re-imagining in their own words, or sounds to be more accurate.  So it is that they take all sorts of music and genres and meld it together into a ten song LP, creating a far different listening experience than what was originally envisioned, but a good alternative nonetheless.  Whether it is the spaghetti western/surf rock attitude of Clunes Town or the jazz-infused track called Jessie or the slightly frenetic, synth-laden Toecutter, this soundtrack gives the listener so many varied sounds to mull over, it is exactly what a score should be. Morricone Youth have provided an adventure, one you may not recognize, but one that fits right in with that vision originally conceived by George Miller all those many years ago and all you have to do is be brave enough to go on it with them.


Limited 500 – 10-Song LP Transparent Coke Bottle Clear Green vinyl 150g with Digital Download Card (40 minutes / 33 rpm)

Original live re-score composed and performed by MORRICONE YOUTH inspired by George Miller’s Classic 1979 Australian Dystopian Action Film

1 Halls of Justice (Main Title)
2 Mad Goose
3 Clunes Town
4 Revenge of the MFP
5 Jessie

1 Nightrider
2 Anarchie Road 3KM
3 Johnny The Boy
4 Toecutter
5 Bad Max (End Credits)

Devon E. Levins – Guitars, Analog Keyboards
John Castro – Bass, Vocals, Analog Keyboards
Dan Kessler – Analog Synths and Keyboards
Brian Kantor- Drums

Fraser Campbell – Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards
Aaron Bahr – Trumpet
Karla Rose Moheno – Vocals
Scott Hollingsworth – Keyboards, Percussion

First performance on March 14, 2014 at Nitehawk Cinema, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Engineered by Steve Silverstein at Carousel Vintage Recording Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn 2014/2015
Mixed by Scott Hollingsworth at Stabbey Road in Crown Heights, Brooklyn 2016

Mastered by Alex DeTurk at Strange Weather, Brooklyn
Rene Fennern Goldberg – Art
Brent Stickels/YYES – Design
Catalog No. is CCR-009

Distributed by Light In The Attic / Revolver USA

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