Issue by Issue – Shogun Warriors #2

shogun-warriors-2Writer – Doug Moench
Artist – Herb Trimpe
Inker – Dan Green
Colours – Andy Yanchus
Letters – Jim Novak

Though they might have chased Rok-Kor off last issue, the new recruits of the Followers of the Light have not defeated him and must do battle with the monster once again. Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe, the creators of this story, give our heroes a better chance at defeating the creature with the introduction of Combatra and Danguard Ace – the final two Shogun Warriors. All is not as easy as it seems though as our heroes must use what little time they have in order to train so that they will be prepared to face whatever it is that Lord Maur-Kon throws their way. Speaking of Lord Maur-Kon, he finally makes an appearance with this issue and is looking to put Raydeen and our heroes out of commission permanently. When Maur-Kon notices that there are two more giant robots, he is none too happy, but is prepared for it anyways. There is not quite the amount of action present as there was last issue, as Moench gives the book a little more room for characterization and a little for some history as well. Though the reader gets to know the characters a little better, which is a good thing, it has more to do with their personalities than anything else. As far as a backstory, what Moench has given up in the book feels like it has barely scratched the surface, whether dealing with the Chaos War, Lord Maur-Kon or the Followers of the Light. The best thing about it all is the way Trimpe and Moench work hand in hand to make everything flow as smooth as it does. Reading this book has the feel of something epic, of a great story unfolding and while it seems a little foolish to say only two issues in, it is nonetheless how it plays out. Before you know it, the robots and their pilots find themselves in battle once again and they manage to be successful in their mission. Lord Maur-Kon is not so easily defeated and has something else up his sleeve though, leaving the book on a cliff-hanger. With a fun story and some great artwork, Shogun Warriors continues to get better and better.

3.5 out of 5


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