Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #36

doctor-strange-vol-2-36Writer – Roger Stern, Ralph Macchio
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Dan Green
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Joe Rosen

On their way to England in order to see if their friend Dane Whitman – the Black Knight, is all right in the past era where he lives, Dr. Strange and Clea are attacked by a demon. As chance would have it, it is the demon named Ningal, freed by the Dweller in Darkness last issue and brother of Ludi, whom the mages defeated recently. After getting a handle on the situation, Stephen and Clea arrive with the man name Murdoch Adams and as such, due to his imprisonment, in the only man left alive to remember that Stephen used to go by the name of Sanders. Roger Stern and Ralph Macchio then delve into the recent history of Ningal and Strange, giving the reader a bit of a reminder of what went on in the last series, which is quite welcome for those that might not have read it. Soon enough, Strange and Clea are at Whitman’s estate and get down to business, trying to determine if the man still lives or if what they fear has come true and Dane has died. Still does the Dweller seek to interfere in the business that Strange is conducting at this point and the story has quite the cliff-hanger ending because of it. The book does make the reader think, wondering if the Dweller will ever be able or ready to face Doctor Strange instead of working through his minions. Also, with the introduction of Murdoch and his fiancé, there has to be more to his presence then what was stated, something that will eventually lead to the defeat of the Dweller or at least aid Strange in the doing of it. And what of Dane Whitman’s neighbour, Victoria Bentley who has a bit of a history with Strange? There are a lot of questions asked and they are sure to be answered eventually, sooner rather than later hopefully. Though there may not have been as much excitement as there was in previous issues, this story by Stern, Macchio and featuring the astounding pencils of Gene Colan, was still a good one.

3.5 out of 5

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