Issue by Issue – Night Force #14

night-force-14Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Bob Smith
Colours – Michele Wolfman
Letters – Todd Klein

With this last issue of Night Force, Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan wrap everything up nice and neat, if a bit hurried. The story finds the beast that the Baron accidentally let loose still existing, including the spirits who inhabit that mansion in Maine that started this whole mess. The good thing of it all at the moment is that he has a bit of help in the form of his ex-wife Katina, a sorceress of no small means and his son Gowon, whom readers soon learn has a surprise all his own. Wolfman and Colan pepper the book with the horror it has become known for as our heroes battle with the beast’s servants and then finally, Alphus Omega himself. Like all good endings, the book has a happy one and the demon and the ghosts are defeated and in that at least, a little satisfaction can be taken. This last story saw the Baron return to a semblance of his former self, but nowhere near the same man that was first introduced in the series. Whether that remains the same or gets better with time, is a question that will never be answered. The same can be said involving the fates of Jack Gold and Vanessa Van Helsing, the former who is trapped in a marriage he never wanted and the latter possibly never finding out that the Baron is her father. That is the problem with books that come to an end before their time and as Wolfman essentially states in the letter page, he has many more stories to tell, yet little would he know that they would never come to fruition. During the latter half of the 1990s, the book would eventually return, but would feature none of the stories or plot threads from the first. Colan for his part does yet another fantastic job on the pencils that grace this book and it is a little sad to see it all come to an end as the two men spent a lot of time designing and prepping it even before it went to series. There was definitely a lot of promise within these pages and it feels like Wolfman had only scratched the surface of just where it is that he could have gone with the series. The closing panels felt quite rushed and it is a shame that the book had to end in such a way, but at least it did have an ending, where so many before it did not. Ultimately, this was a good issue from a good series with Wolfman and Colan at the top of their game.

4 out of 5

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