Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Lonely Rainy Days

This playlist might have been created with lonely rainy days in mind, but the tracks are incredible and make for good listening no matter what the mood you might be in. Incredible stuff and a great selection of songs by alexrainbird and all of the artists represented herein.


0:00 Swan Levitt — You Were Human
3:54 Alec Benjamin — Paper Crown
7:09 Tuvaband — (It’s Not About) Running
11:04 Rod Ladgrove — Home Is Just A State Of Mind
15:11 Charlotte Evans — Hide Me From The Storm
20:41 Cold Weather Company — ‘No Burden
25:37 Levi Robin — Days of Our Youth
31:06 Jae Jin — Chemo Song
35:26 Dillon Bhana — The Least You Could Do
39:03 Kevin Oberdick — Pretend I’m Talking
42:57 Selkirk Range — Cold Coffee
45:49 Victor Perry — Rainbows
49:43 Digvalley– I Will Leave You
53:01 Navont — Sorry
56:32 Norma Jean — Things I Cannot Quit
1:00:44 Lewis Bootle — The Seed
1:04:51 Hume — Somewhere Out There
1:08:39 Jacob Shipley — South Dakota

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