Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #35

doctor-strange-vol-2-35Writer – Roger Stern, Ralph Macchio
Artist – Tom Sutton
Inker – Pablo Marcos
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Clem Robbins

Doctor Strange has been called in by the Avengers because the statue of the Black Knight has been smashed to pieces. As it involves the fate of the time-lost hero who is stuck in the past, Strange is the only man they trust to get to the bottom of it and fix that which was broken. Eventually things get sorted for the most part and it is here when Strange mentions to Clea about possibly travelling to the past that Roger Stern and Ralph Macchio bring back The Dweller in Darkness to cause some more problems. Realizing that he may not be ready to face Strange as of yet, the Dweller decides to conjure up a little help to take care of the sorcerer. The first is a man transformed into a giant monster and it takes all that Stephen and Clea have to defeat it and yet, it does not end there. While that has been going on, the Dweller has discovered another who might aid him and it is a demon named Ludi who will do so in return for a favour. Said favour involves freeing his demon brother Ningal, frozen in some sort of stasis with a man named Murdoch Adams. It is during this last bit that Stern and Macchio make things really interesting for while the Dweller in Darkness might seem formidable to some, he is by no means feared by all in the cosmos. So as he goes begging for help, there are many that refuse as well, like Umar – sister of Dormammu and it is quite humourous to see, especially in a book that always has quite a serious tone to it. As of this point in time, Strange and Clea still have no idea who has been behind all of the attacks that have been plaguing them of late, but it cannot be too much longer before they figure it out. Judging by the ending, it might come sooner, rather than later. So with a very action-packed story that sees Clea and Strange eventually defeating Ludi, Stern and Macchio who are aided by Tom Sutton, deliver the goods you want once again.

4 out of 5

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