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Murderous Mistakes – The Killer Must Kill Again (1975)

There are times when even the best-laid plans can go awry and when it comes to murder for hire, a mistake can cost more than just the victim their life. Director Luigi Cozzi’s very engrossing The Killer Must Kill Again is one such story that starts off as such, a man with a plan he thinks is foolproof, but thanks to the randomness of the universe, things take a far different course.

the-killer-must-kill-again-2The person at the center of it all is a nameless killer who is caught dumping the body of a woman by a man named Giorgio. The killer’s actions give Giorgio pause and then quite suddenly, an idea. What if Giorgio were to hire the killer to murder his wife and dispose of her body? All of his financial troubles would be solved and he could continue dating the other women his wife only speculates about. So with a little money and a little blackmail, the killer agrees and while it all seems to go off as planned, fate intervenes and no matter how hard he tries to correct course, things get far more complicated than he imagined.

Cozzi paints a violent affair with this picture and most of that violence is directed towards the women which star within. From the first murdered woman to Giorgio’s wife who happens to be next, they act merely as a warm-up to what the killer commits later on which includes a fairly vicious murder and even goes so far as rape. For those familiar with the giallo genre or other exploitation and horror films, this is not exactly a new concept and it tends to draw more sympathy from the viewer when women are the targets of crime. Cozzi understands this perfectly and while some of the-killer-must-kill-again-12the scenes are slightly uncomfortable and it seems as if a bit of cruelty shines through the lens, it ultimately adds to the picture, cementing the nameless killer as the worst kind of villain and deserving of what comes his way. Violent it may all be, but as a member of the audience, you would not have it any other way.

The film is broken down into three distinct acts, those being the set-up, the action and the pay-off. It begins with Giorgio and his machinations, moves onto the killer who must try to complete the task given him and finishes back where it began, with everything wrapped up nice and neat and karma giving Giorgio his due. Antoine Saint-John is perfectly perverse as the killer while George Hilton is appropriately scummy as the man named Giorgio who hires him. Adriano Bolzoni’s script is solid and Cozzi brings it to life quite expertly. L’assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora is a solid thriller and while other giallo’s might be a little more inventive, this film hits all the right buttons.

4 out of 5

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