Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #33

doctor-strange-vol2-33Writer – Roger Stern, Ralph Macchio
Artist – Tom Sutton
Inker – Rudy Nebres
Colours – Jim Shooter
Letters – Irv Watanabe

As we join Doctor Strange, he and Clea are in the midst of a spell gone wrong and find themselves being attacked by mirror images of themselves.  What makes things a little tougher than the usual fare the face is the fact that the magic these mirror image enemies wield, is stronger than both Stephen’s and Clea’s.  Despite the shortcomings, the good Doctor wins out and it is from there that Roger Stern, Ralph Macchio and Tom Sutton really give Doctor Strange a trial to overcome.  As seen last issue, Strange has a new foe in Dream Weaver and while she proves to have the mettle to face the Sorcerer Supreme, he is called as such for a reason and her machinations, though guided by another, prove for naught.  The first part of the book makes for an exciting chapter as the mages face their conjurings gone awry, but it is the latter half of the issue that proves to be more interesting as Strange and Dream Weaver enter the Book of the Vishanti.  It is, to say the least, beautifully illustrated and hearkens back to those stories which appeared earlier in the series.  Part of you feels a little bad for Dream Weaver as she was corrupted into doing what she was doing, but she could have refused though the most likely outcome would have been death.  This is where The Dweller in Darkness comes in, for he seems to enjoy pulling the strings from afar.  What will be most intriguing to see is whether he will be as formidable going up against Strange should they ever come face to face or if his real power is to act out through others.  For a brief moment, Nightmare makes an appearance to warn Strange of what he faces, though it seems as if Stephen is oblivious to it and only time will tell if he learns just who his real foe is.  So, with the promise of further evil to come, the creators of this issue plant the seeds for the reader’s eventual return and make it impossible for them not to.

3.5 out of 5

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