Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #52

kamandi-52Writer – Jack C. Harris
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Alredo Alcala

As it stands, the companions are at something of a crossroads.  On one hand, some of them want to go with Pyra to aid her in helping her people and on the other, Kamandi wants to go and find out where Ben has disappeared to.  So it is that they decide to split up, not that they really have a choice as Kamandi is going to do what Kamandi wants to do.  He cannot really be faulted for his choice and his friends understand why he is doing so.  After the passing of Arna, there are very few intelligent humans left upon the face of the planet and while Ben is technically a mutant – he is as close to human and as intelligent a person as Kamandi has seen.  Loss is hard and author Jack C. Harris understands that well and brings it across in his script.  Kamandi is hurting and he cannot afford to lose any more friends and if he has to travel to the ends of the Earth in order to find Ben, than that is what he will do.  Additionally, there is one very fascinating element that is introduced in a new plot thread by Harris and they go by the names of Mylock Bloodstalker and Doile.  They have been hired to search out Kamandi and take care of him once and for all by a conglomerate of his enemies which include among their number Trap, Sultan, Ramjam, Caesar of the Tigers and Sacker whom readers will remember as having been humiliated by our hero.  Any one of them has been more than a pain in the backside for Kamandi and now together, they look to be more determined than ever to put an end to the only intelligent animal they know.  Drama and assassination plots aside, there is a ton of excitement to be had as Kamandi and Spirit run into a group of Incan Toucans who want to sacrifice them to their god.  Drawn superbly by Dick Ayers and Alfredo Alcala, Kamandi and Spirit are significantly outnumbered and find themselves in quite a bit of danger.  Suffice it to say, they eventually get themselves free thanks to a timely attack by some Bats and soon are on their way to finding Ben once more.  Another fun issue with some interesting twists to keep the book moving in its post-Kirby iteration.

4 out of 5

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