Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #32

doctor-strange-vol-2-32Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Alan Kupperberg
Inker – Rudy Nebres
Colours – Francoise Mouly
Letters – Jim Novak

Having defeated the man called Alaric, Doctor Strange now says goodbye to his friend Namor, at least for the time being that is, and now looks to put in a little time with Clea.  The Dweller in Darkness has other plans though and for whatever reason, has a problem with the Sorcerer Supreme.  To that effect, he sends forth an emissary to cause the good Doctor a little grief and that she does indeed.  Roger Stern crafts a fine tale that sees this new villainous monster being visited by D’Spayre and then in turn, visiting Nightmare’s realm.  The Dweller is looking to craft a means of destroying Doctor Strange and he thinks he has found it.  So it is that Dream Weaver is born, filled with a strength and a magic powered by The Dweller.  By the end of this tale, both Stephen and Clea are shaken and unsure of what might come next.  What makes it all quite interesting is that Dream Weaver is simply an emissary, for lack of a better word.  Stephen and Clea have yet to face The Dweller head on and if D’Spayre and Nightmare want nothing to do with the monster, then you can guess that he has power, more power than even they wield.   One thing that Stern makes apparent is that The Dweller seems to have been gone for some time and has only recently returned.  That leads the reader to understand that there is a way to defeat the demon, though if Strange is able to do so once they eventually meet up is another story.  Does it have something to do with the Book of the Vishanti?  Coming back next issue is a must to find out the answer to this question, especially as it ends on a cliff-hanger with our heroes left a little broken.  For his part, Alan Kupperberg with a little help from Rudy Nebres, do a fantastic job on the pencils by creating an eerie mix of drama and horror.  While The Dweller is quite imposing and Nightmare is his usual gauntness, it is D’Spayre that is portrayed as truly frightening.  The details that went into his design to make him look like an emaciated skull are both intricate and fearsome in execution.  If there is one thing that can be said of this title, it is that it always features some truly magnificent artwork.  With Dream Weaver and The Dweller in Darknesss coming for him, it will be exciting to see what Strange does to fight back.

4 out of 5

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