Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #50

kamandi-50Writer – Denny O’Neil
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Alfredo Alcala, Manuel Auad

The fiftieth issue of Kamandi jumps back to the present aboard Pyra’s ship where she is about to put our hero through the same procedure that cured Doctor Canus. Things take a bad turn though when Kamandi gets transformed into an OMAC and escapes from the ship to get into who knows what kind of trouble. Denny O’Neil returns to scripting duties with this story and not only does he wrap up the long-standing plot thread of Kamandi’s rage, but he brings along a couple of surprises as well. The first little shock the reader finds out is that Kamandi might indeed be a descendant of the original OMAC, Buddy Blank. It would definitely explain how Kamandi regressed into a being such as Buddy and it not only gives us a bit of history on our protagonist, but it also ties together another bit of the DC Universe with this title because of it. A second revelation becomes known a little later in the book when the rest of the cast, while looking for something to help their comrade out, discover that Brother Eye is indeed still functioning after all these years. Having lain dormant for so long, Brother Eye is actually surprised that anyone at all has survived the Great Disaster and when hearing about the predicament the companions are in, is glad to oblige. O’Neil also gives us a bit of horror during this tale when he introduces the Sloths and their ‘king’, a desiccated skeleton that at one point was a man that they killed and ate. It is a little disturbing and while OMAC/Kamandi gives them a good fight, he soon must be rescued by his friends. Dick Ayers handles the art chores once again, the man getting better with every issue and he expresses the action in the book quite well. All of it is quite thrilling and of all the issues that this creative team has crafted as of now, this might be the best one yet with O’Neil really finding his voice on the character.

4.5 out of 5

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