Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #49

kamandi-49Writer – Elliot S. Maggin
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Ernie Chua, Alredo Alcala

The really great thing about this particular issue is the fact that it not only flashes back to Kamandi’s past, but gives us an all-new story about his childhood. We also get to see his grandfather, a person we have only heard about more than we have seen and Elliot S. Maggin takes this time to explore the relationship between the man and his kin and the world that they live in. As it stands, Kamandi at this point in time has no idea what the world outside their habitat is like – not firsthand that is. Most of what he knows is of the past, how the world used to look and while knowledge is always useful, Grandfather realizes that it will do Kamandi no good in this now, post-apocalyptic Earth. So it is that Grandfather crafts a test for the young Kamandi, one that will see him enter into the real world where he must try and survive without knowing all the dangers that possibly await him. Not surprisingly, Kamandi does indeed run into danger and while it slams into him on one front, it also starts to come at him from another. Suffice it to say, Kamandi is not used to any of this, having lived a fairly quiet life with his Grandfather. Be that as it may though, Kamandi is a fast learner and he soon becomes acclimated to the outside world in a short amount of time. While Kirby never bothered to really go back in time and delve into the origins of our hero, instead always pushing forward with new and exciting adventures, it is nice to see something just a little bit different, especially at this late stage in the game. With some great pencils from Dick Ayers to accompany Maggin’s story, the issue serves as a good intermission between the chapters of the current storyline.

3 out of 5

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