Forgettable – Supercroc (2007)

For the most part, when you have some obscenely large animal or monster or what have you in a film, it usually makes it worth watching. Sadly, that cannot be said of Supercroc, a creature-feature put out by The Asylum in 2007 because after watching five minutes of this film, you realize that it is already much too long and there is still nearly an hour and a half left to go.

If there is one word that describes this movie, it would have to be tedious. They take a simple concept and they supercroc-3stretch it out far longer than it needs to be and while it might have worked with an A-list screenwriter and group of actors, those were noticeably absent from this production. The best thing about it all was the giant crocodile and even then, you hoped he would kill everyone faster so that this movie would end and you could return to normal life.

The special effects were okay and about on par with what you would expect from a film like this. As such, they did not necessarily ruin the movie for you, but it was really hard to enjoy when the rest of it was so poorly made.

There is no redemption in this film, nothing that will make you sit up and take notice and nothing that will make you remember it ten seconds after it is finished. It was a waste of time and nothing more.

0 out of 5

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