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From Spore to Kaiju, it was… – The X from Outer Space (1967)

Despite being slightly ludicrous, The X from Outer Space is a lot of fun with one of the most outlandish monsters you will ever see in a kaiju film. With a body that finds it’s wearer having an extremely hard time trying to walk and a head that looks like it is some sort of spaceship, the creature might look insane, but it still causes a ton of destruction once it gets going. Adding to this is an origin that is somewhat different from the norm and by the end of the movie, a x-from-outer-space-30defeat that is quite novel, the picture manages to change things up enough that it keeps the viewer hooked throughout.

One of the main problems of the film is the pacing of the first third or so of the picture. It is quite slow, almost interminably so and while some of the characterization is good, not to mention the introduction of a love triangle between three of the leads, you find yourself wondering just when it is that the action will start. In fact, out of all the drama that takes place outside of the kaiju invasion, it is that romantic entanglement between Captain Sano, Lisa and Michiko. What makes it even more engaging is the fact that there is so much time spent on it, it is almost as if the trip to Mars and the UFO attack are secondary. That of course changes once everybody makes it back to Earth and one of the spores that hit the ship transforms into Guilala, who then sets out on x-from-outer-space-8a path of destruction and everyone wondering just what can be done about it.

Nice to see was the fact that the acting was actually fairly decent, even though the script could have used a little polish. The music on the other hand was atrocious and did not mesh with any scene in the movie whatsoever. Whoever approved that should have been fired as it was crazier than just about anything else seen on screen. Be that as it may, watching a guy in a suit smash through some of the cheapest looking sets filled with toy cars and other miniature items set to the strangest score of all time, still ended up being immensely enjoyable.

For those looking for something akin to Godzilla or Gamera, it is best to look elsewhere for this movie is no masterpiece. The X from Outer Space though is in a class all of its own and no matter how many faults, it is surprisingly compelling and will enchant your interest if given a chance.

3 out of 5

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