Beware of… – Croczilla (2012)

Croczilla or Million Dollar Crocodile as it is also known as, is not a good film.

In actuality, it is really quite terrible and yet, for all the bad that it is, it is somehow sort of entertaining. Strange as it may seem, the story of a giant crocodile on a rampage no matter how badly produced, is something that is hard to turn croczilla-3away from.

Featuring absolutely atrocious acting by nearly everyone involved and dubbing that is even worse should you choose to listen to it and is more than quite painful at times, it is relieved by those moments when the crocodile is onscreen. The one saving grace that gives the human equation some redemption is Tao Guo who starts out as a disbeliever until he can no longer do so. With a title like Croczilla which is almost epic in itself and calls to mind giant atomic croczilla-4monsters, you expect something good and sadly, good went missing before they ever started filming.

If it were not for the crocodile being as big and as aggressive as it is, the movie would have been a complete write-off. Surprisingly, the special effects were decent and though there were moments where you could obviously tell reality from when it was not, it was not enough to take you out of the picture though sometimes you wish it were so.

If you like bad movies, and there are some far worse than this, Croczilla is the film for you. Simply put, if you prepare for the worst, you might enjoy this much more than you normally would otherwise.

1 out of 5


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  1. You know, the worst part is that its on Netflix dubbed and that is the only way you can watch it! I was a little pissed at that. Not that being in Mandarin would change how bad it was but it kind of was a big deal because its the first creature feature that China/Taiwan/Hong Kong made. You actually reminded me that I need to finish this one..haha!

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