Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #27

doctor-strange-vol-2-27Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Tom Sutton
Inker – Ernie Chan
Colours – Irene Vartanoff
Letters – Bruce Patterson

Roger Stern pens the twenty-seventh issue of Doctor Strange and it finds our hero in a confrontation with the In-Betweener. With him is the Ancient One, though he can be of little help in his current state. The book begins with a recap courtesy of the cosmic being and an offer of help, limited though it may be. The Ancient One warns Stephen that to accept the In-Betweener’s help will come with a price, but Strange cannot live with what he has caused and so he accepts and sends his teacher back to Wong and Clea who still reside upon that very changed Earth. It is here that Tom Sutton and Ernie Chan really start to shine as Stern gives them quite the crazy scenarios to pencil where Strange is sent into another dimension in which the Wheel that he thought destroyed still exists. There, Doctor Strange faces yet another obstacle – none other than Stygyro, the sorcerer he and Clea encountered upon their travels through time and now one of the Creators and a living star as well. Like the many authors before him, Stern does not go lightly on our Doctor and Stygyro is indeed a force to be reckoned with. There are a few moments where it seems like the villain is going to come out on top and with his immense power, how could he not? You have to give Strange credit though, for even if he is not the Sorcerer Supreme at the moment, the man has tenacity and he still knows how to use those forces at his command in all their varying ways. Eventually, Strange does manage to best his foe, but that was just the warm-up act as his troubles are literally just beginning. Though they make an appearance in the book, Clea and Wong are only seen momentarily as the Ancient One joins them back on Earth. Still bound is the duplicate Doctor Strange and you have to know that there is a good chance that he too is going to somehow cause some trouble. With some truly spectacular artwork and a healthy dose of danger and excitement, Doctor Strange is one incredible book.

4 out of 5

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