Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #45

kamandi-45Writer – Martin Pasko, Denny O’Neil, David Anthony Kraft
Artist – Keith Giffen, Mike Nasser
Inker – Bob Smith, Joe Rubinstein

Rongo, Ben and Kamandi have been captured by the little people they were hunting and once they regain consciousness, it is not long after that they are free and fighting for their lives. Kamandi is angry and it is almost as if that has become his normal state of being as of late and as he is continually made a prisoner of one person or another, there is little hope that it will change. While Ben and Kamandi only have essentially one thing on their minds, Rongo not only wants to be free, he wants to capture these creatures for his boss Sacker, while still keeping a hold on the two men who accompany him. Martin Pasko and Denny O’Neil craft a fun tale, if a little bit cliché as we have seen this time and time again. The players might have changed and the surroundings may be different, but it is the same old tired plot that Kirby eventually abandoned in favour of more wide-ranging adventure. That being said, it is still enjoyable despite treading such familiar ground and they manage to throw a little twist in there and introduce a couple of new characters to add to Sacker’s mythos. That in itself is quite interesting as we learn of Sacker’s nemesis and business rival, who in many respects is Sacker himself in all but name. Also intriguing is the fact that with this new character’s introduction, it might provide Kamandi and Ben with a way out of their predicament. Once again there is a backup tale and it features Urgall with his new found friends Myra and Otis. They have escaped the Rats and after thinking themselves free of danger, have ridden straight into more. It is obviously not what they would have preferred to happen, but running is almost impossible and staying to fight against overwhelming numbers means nothing good. Luckily, David Anthony Kraft and Mike Nasser give them a possible way out. Both stories were good, though the lead feature with Kamandi was much better and finding out what happens next is going to be pretty exciting.

3.5 out of 5

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