Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #26

doctor-strange-vol2-26Writer – Jim Starlin
Artist – Jim Starlin
Inker – Rudy Nebres
Colours – Janice Cohen, Phil Rache
Letters – Annette Kawecki

Things are not going well for Doctor Strange, nor for Clea or Wong for that matter. After doing something he should not have done, something that was not purely his fault, the Creators have changed reality and not for the better. Now the three companions find themselves on an Earth that is much different than their own with its Doctor Strange their captive. Jim Starlin delivers a tale of desperation with this issue and desperate is exactly what Strange and his friends are. They do have one hope and that is the Ancient One. If they are lucky, the universe will have changed around him without any ill-effects, but once they find him they know that not to be true. The Ancient One is a changed man, beaten down almost and it does not look as if he will be of any help at all. Be that as it may, the Ancient One did not become so to be cowed so easily and as Doctor Strange seeks to protect his master from all manners of danger, when he is about to fall, the Ancient One awakens and takes matters into his own hands. Jim Starlin provides both story and art for this particular issue and he does so quite marvellously. His writing is compelling and he manages to stay true to what was established previously with the Doctor and balances both the helplessness that he feels and the heroism that he exalts. One of the most interesting aspects of this book is the fact that the Creators are strong enough to affect even the Ancient One, a being so powerful in the ways of magic that none stand above him. It was good to see then that despite the worst the Creators had to throw at him, the Ancient One was able to overcome and save his student from defeat. Starlin’s art is fantastic and with Rudy Nebres on inks, he gives it that extra little polish to really make it pop. There is a cliff-hanger of course, one that sees our heroes head into another dimension once again to find those powers that might be behind the Creators and as it leaves off, we are introduced to one of the universe’s big guns.

4 out of 5

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