Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #44

kamandi-44Writer – Gerry Conway, David Kraft, Paul Levitz
Artist – Keith Giffen, Pablo Marcus
Inker – Mike Royer, Steve Mitchell
Colours – Jerry Serpe

With more than a little anger boiling up inside of him, Kamandi finds himself a slave to the snake called Sacker once again. This time Ben is along for the ride, but even with his mutant ability, they are helpless to do anything – at least for the moment. Gerry Conway who is joined by Keith Giffen, bring back one of the people that Kamandi hates most in the world and if Kamandi had anything to say about it, Sacker would not be among the living any longer. Such as it is though, Sacker is pressing Kamandi and Ben into service for him, sending them on a mission to obtain more slaves – a task Kamandi finds utterly distasteful. It is not long then that Kamandi, Ben and their new captor Rongo have set sail to find these miniaturised humans for Sacker’s pleasure. While things seem to be going all right, they are attacked by a new race not seen in the book – Barracudas and their fearsome leader, Barraka. Conway fills the book with action from this point on as our hero and his companions fight for their lives and Giffen does a good job of bringing it all to life upon the page. Eventually they are able to win the day, but as the book leaves off, that battle might be only the first of many. Once again there is a second story in this book presented by David Kraft, Paul Levitz and Pablo Marcus and yet again, it features the ape we were introduced to last issue named Urgall. Having been exiled from his tribe in New York City, he has wandered into New Jersey and unknowingly, into trouble. Even in this post-apocalyptic world, some races have come to rely upon oil – willing to fight over it, war over it and die over it. Urgall realizes that this is not something he can simply overlook and while his new found friend Otis has plans in mind, Urgall has his own and the oil is soon no more. Though the story has a happy ending, you have to wonder if Otis will take his revenge upon Urgall in the next book or if this bit of espionage fits into his schemings. Overall, another good issue with good writing and even better artwork, though it would be nice to see Kamandi have full-length features once again.

4 out of 5

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