Issue by Issue – Night Force #5

night-force-5Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Bob Smith
Colours – Michele Wolfman
Letters – Todd Klein

Though Marv Wolfman still keeps some things to himself, namely most everything that has to do with the Baron, things are finally brought to light and revealed about who is behind Vanessa’s capture and why. The book begins with Vanessa Van Helsing ending up in Siberia and taken to a place called Science City #5 and she is there at the behest of Professor Valdis. Valdis takes her on a tour, showing Vanessa just what it is they do which includes all manner of scientific study into the psychic powers of the mind. He seems like a nice man and Vanessa begins to trust him and yet when they come to the last demonstration, she fails to realize that she will be an integral part of it until it is far too late. The suspense is palpable as this tour around the pyramid facility takes place as you know that something is going to happen. These Russian scientists would not have kidnapped Vanessa if they had only niceties in mind and to Vanessa’s regret, she knows it as well. While Vanessa’s circumstances have not improved, Caine and Jack are doing their best to get to her, trying to survive what these mysterious forces have to throw at them. The Baron is even a little worried, for even though he has people all over the world that can help the men, those forces set against him are just as tenacious. There is little horror present in this particular issue except for the situation that Vanessa finds herself in. In fact, this story has more in common with a Bond film than anything else with its global chase, dashing heroes, dastardly villain and villainous organization, not to mention a damsel in distress. Gene Colan’s pencils look spectacular and are at their best when he gets to draw the fantastic, specifically during Vanessa’s time in the pyramid. With some answers given, a little action and some good drama, Night Force is finally starting to deliver the goods.

4 out of 5

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