Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #24

doctor-strange-vol-2-24Writer – Jim Starlin
Artist – Al Milgrom
Inker – Rudy Nebres
Colours – Janice Cohen
Letters – Annette Kawecki

Doctor Strange finds himself at a precipice, the final gate that stands before him and the Creators and he is unsure if his magic will be enough. His adventures through the Quadriverse have been less than ideal and he has found himself less than confident, getting violent and resorting to murder. It disturbs him and it fills him with doubt and it is to the joy of the Creators that he feels as such. Taking over script duties is Jim Starlin, a man more familiar with the cosmic and yet, this story bears all the hallmarks as Strange is still essentially out in space – a different dimension, but outer space all the same. Starlin gives the Doctor his greatest villain and it is one that we have seen in the past more than a few times and that is himself – for are not all men’s greatest enemy themselves? It is a plot device that has worked well for the previous writers of this book and it works well once again. We are also introduced to a new character in the form of one Apalla, the Sun Queen, who at least seems to be a friend and just in time as well as making his way through the portal is Visimajoris, truly a villain if there ever were one. While he looks to put the hurt on our hero, he is soon dispatched of quickly enough thanks to Apalla. The story takes a bit of turn from what you might expect and though it fits right into the overall theme of the book, it is a little unusual all the same. Apalla reveals to Strange just what it is the motivations of the Creators are and what their ultimate goal is, something that she is all too familiar with and Strange does balk at it at first, but his doubts are soon proven false and the two of them finally take the fight to the antagonists of this tale. By the end of the story, though the two of them win the battle, they end up losing and all of it, thanks to Doctor Strange. This was a good outing by Starlin with some strong artwork from Al Milgrom and Rudy Nebres and it leaves the book on a bit of cliff-hanger and the reader wondering what will Strange do next.

3.5 out of 5

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