Mind Capsules – The Clone Conspiracy #2 and Detective Comics #944

The Clone Conspiracy #2

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Jim Cheung
Inker – John Dell
Colours – Justin Ponsor
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Doctor Octopus has been wanting to get his hands, and his arms, on Peter Parker for quite some time and now thanks to the Jackal and his new procedures, he has his body back and a way to wreak his vengeance. After the usual fisticuffs are out of the way, Jackal breaks up the fight as he has something else in mind – something a little unpredictable given his history with Spider-Man. Dan Slott wastes no time on any extraneous side-plots, pushing forward with this latest event and it has turned out to be not only a really fun time, but far more enjoyable than Civil War II on every level. The great thing about this particular crossover is that there is minimal tie-ins and it feels like it matters, unlike the previously mentioned event. There are quite a few surprises in-store for those who are reading the book, and while they serve to make the book a little more exciting, you have to wonder what else it is that Slott has in mind after this. Nice to see is that he is also bringing in some of the various Spider-Verse characters like the Spider-Gwen and Kaine, at least to start. Over the course of the last few years, Spider-Man’s universe has expanded to include quite a few wonderful concepts and characters and it is nice to see that they are not going to fade away anytime soon. One thing that remains steadfast is Peter’s reaction to all of these clones, whether they claim they are the real things or not. Maybe they have the memories they sported in their first lives, but having died, Spider-Man now finds them to be abominations – insults to the lives of those whom they represent. Jackal still wants Parker on his side, but that might be an idea that will never manifest, at least as long as Peter has anything to say about it. Featuring some truly beautiful pencils by Jim Cheung who does not do enough work by half, the story looks amazing and there are moments where you wish he would draw every book. This was a strong chapter in the latest Spider-event, one that looks to set the stage for some great action to follow and more than likely, the eventual defeat of the Jackal and his minions.

4 out of 5

Detective Comics #944

Writer – James Tynion IV
Artwork – Eddy Barrows
Inker – Eber Ferriera
Colours – Adriano Lucas
Letters – Marilyn Patrizio

The Victim Syndicate, a group of fearsome individuals who claim they are not villains but victims, have invited themselves to a gala which just happens to be host to a great many of the GCPD, the rich and of course, Batman and his team. They have come forth as they want to spread not only their message of how Batman has ruined their lives, but of how Batman has ruined Gotham and that if he were to continue doing so, then those that stand with him would pay the price. Upping the ante for the Dark Knight is James Tynion IV and Eddy Barrows in this second part of the latest storyline and it brings in a new group of villains to wreak their brand of havoc against those they feel have wronged them. As evidenced in the book, these members of the Victim Syndicate do indeed have good reason to do so, being ordinary citizens who were somehow caught in the crossfire between Batman and his various rogues. Perhaps they have gone about it all wrong, but in a way, would anyone have listened to them if they had simply mailed a letter or started a petition? That being said, they do seem formidable, but Batman has been at this a long time and he has allies with him who are almost as such. For the moment, the team makes quick work of these new bad guys, but they are not completely defeated and the book is left on a bit of a cliff-hanger with Spoiler being a possible target. The book plays out like a hostage crisis you would see in the movies or on television – though without the strangely garbed individuals of course. Tynion IV manages to create some really palpable tension and there is a moment where Batman and his team stand revealed standing across from the Syndicate, where both the writing and the artwork by Barrows really shines. It is a scene that is filled with danger and it comes across to the reader exceptionally well, much like the rest of the book. As of this moment, Detective Comics is the Bat-title to be reading right now. It has action, drama, intrigue and everything else you could ever want, including all the characters you know and love. Fantastic from start to finish.

4.5 out of 5

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  1. I enjoyed Clone Conspiracy #2, but it does seem a bit drawn out, maybe I’m just a bit worn out with big major events atm – especially after Civil War II and everything. Good issue though. Detective Comics continues to be the highlight of the new Bat-Titltes at the moment, love how the team is shaping up. Great reviews. Have a happy new comic book day 🙂

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