Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #22

doctor-strange-vol2-22Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Rudy Nebres
Letters – Irv Watanabe
Colours – Michelle Wolfman

Doctor Strange has finally returned to Earth, leaving behind Lectra and her schemes, not to mention Phaydra and Tempus and their dying world. Though it is a little tragic that things had to come to such, Strange’s mind is on only one thing and that is finding Clea. Marv Wolfman is joined by Rudy Nebres once again to chronicle this chapter that finds Clea still out of sorts, her mind and memory different from the norm and as Strange soon discovers, under attack. Lately it seems as if Doctor Strange has been fending off attackers left and right and this issue is no different as he faces off against a space dragon before returning to Earth and then of all things, his own girlfriend and apprentice – Clea. She sends a golden warrior to do battle with him, Clea having no memory of just who Stephen is, and then a streetlight as well. Realizing that something is inherently wrong with her, Stephen uses his astral self to enter her mind and do combat with the evil that he finds there. Wolfman crafts a fine tale, especially coming off of that King-Size Annual which was his best issue to date. This story is nearly just as good, though it has none of the grandeur or large-scale epic feel about it. There is an urgency to it, much due to Strange and his wanting to make sure that Clea is safe and yet Wolfman still manages to inject a bit of poetry into his script and making the time to tell the story that he wants to tell unlike the first couple of issues of his tenure. Nebres gives the book his usual flourish and it manages to be not only quite exciting at times, but dramatic as well and while he had big shoes to fill considering the level of talent involved on this book in past issues, he manages to join them hand in hand. Eventually, all is well with the world as you had to know that it would be and it makes you wonder just where the good Doctor and Clea will go from here.

4 out of 5

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