Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #20

doctor-strange-vol-2-20Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Rudy Nebres
Colours – Marie Severin
Letters – John Costanza

Doctor Strange and Clea find themselves at the Museum of Natural History after receiving a mysterious message. They are soon attacked by Xander and for a moment, Clea is taken which is just a precursor to future events within this story. Marv Wolfman continues as writer on the book and is joined by Rudy Nebres who provides some truly stunning pencils to accompany that which Wolfman provides. With everything from the first nineteen issues of the book essentially wrapped up, Wolfman is still working on tying that one final knot which involves Doctor Strange’s loss of power, Xander and those strange beings he calls his masters. As it stands, Xander is far more powerful than Strange, the latter having been stripped of his title – Sorcerer Supreme, not to mention some of his powers, though he is not totally at a loss in the magic department. With the introduction of Xander comes revelations and answers, something needed to explain just what it is that Wolfman started telling us in the previous book. This second story featuring Strange is much stronger than Wolfman’s first, both in structure, dialogue and story. Overall, it was a much more exciting and smooth ride, especially now that we get to see Strange go up against another foe that outclasses him. Most interesting is the fact that Strange finally learns that all of the trials he has faced thus far and been put through was in fact due to these mysterious overlords who seem to be strong enough to manipulate the Ancient One into stripping Strange of his higher powers. Though Wolfman puts Stephen through his paces, Clea is never long out of the picture and she has some problems of her own now, namely the loss of her memory. With everything having been orchestrated up to this point, the result of these beings and their interference in the life of the Doctor has had some all-too-real consequences. A good issue that leaves off on a cliff-hanger, ensuring you will come back for more.

3.5 out of 5

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