Just in Time for a… – Flesh Feast (1970)

Over the course of her career, Veronica Lake, like many actors and actresses, had highs and lows. Flesh Feast was a definite low and it would prove to be the last film that she ever made. It is a bit of a shame as she was quite talented, but being an actress who was notoriously difficult to work with and her aversion to Hollywood throughout the fifties and sixties, she appeared in little. What is most interesting is that she also produced this movie in part, which makes you wonder why she would even want to appear in such a low-budget horror like this one, especially given the roles she had in years past. As it was, Flesh Feast turned out to be predictably, pretty terrible.

flesh-feast-3The story concerns a scientist, partly mad, who is working on making a select group of maggots eat human flesh over that of animals. She is soon approached, for whatever reason, to make a clone of Adolph Hitler. The film then drags on for an interminably long time until it finally gets to the end where we discover the only reason she agreed to do so was so that she could kill him for the death of her parents.

Perhaps if there was more of a budget, a decent script, a little work done on the story and some good actors, the film might have turned out all right. Sadly, it was a mess from start to finish and it did nothing to revitalize Lake’s career – if that was indeed what she was aiming for. Though it is a horror movie, it is not so much full of horror as it is horrific. There is nothing to love with this one, except maybe seeing Lake take her vengeance out on Hitler, but even then, you had to sit through the rest of the movie to do so and in the end, was not even remotely worth it.

Lake made a lot of good movies over the course of her career including Sullivan’s Travels, I Married a Witch, The Blue Dahlia and more. Those featured Lake in her prime and that is how she should be remembered and not with this sad excuse of a film that would see her at the tail-end of a hard life. Flesh Feast is not worth anyone’s time, even for those that love bad films. Simply put, it is just not that good.

1 out of 5

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