Resurrected Was… – The Naked Witch (1964)

Drivel is the best way to sum up this movie.

Pure, unadulterated drivel.

There is not a single thing within this picture that redeems the hour you just wasted your life upon and by the end of it, you might just feel bad that you did.

Made in 1961 and released a few years later, you can see why as is evident from the roughly ten-minute opening monologue. Ten. Minutes. It was also surprisingly narrated by Space Ghost himself, Gary Owens.  Marketed as an ‘adult’ picture because writer, producer and director Larry Buchanan wanted to feature some nudity, there was the the-naked-witch-7tiniest bit where the witch swam in a lake and that in itself was an extremely pointless scene.  Perhaps if he had gone completely overboard on the nudity, the film would have been somewhat memorable, but it was a mess from start to finish and nothing could have seemingly saved it.

The story was shoddy and the acting extremely terrible, but then as there was little to no dialogue except additional narration which lasted the entire length of the picture, what could you really expect when it was all said and done? The direction was worse than any Ed Wood movie put to celluloid which is really saying something and it was so dull and so boring, it felt like hours went by.

Do not watch this. Ever. It is terribly, atrociously bad. Literally one of the worst films ever made. Period.

0.5 out of 5

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