Issue by Issue – Red Wolf #6

red-wolf-6Writer – Gardner Fox
Artist – Syd Shores
Inker – Jack Abel
Letters – Ann Scotto

Though there is nothing wrong with this issue of Red Wolf and it tends to be an exciting read, Gardner Fox does get a little repetitive when it comes to the villain of the story. Said bad guy is of the supernatural variety, or at least so it seems, but where Ursa stole from both white man and red alike to feed his brethren, the man known as Devil Mask does so for personal gain. The Devil also has no compunction stealing from whomever and whatever might take his fancy, not caring who he hurts in the process. When Fox introduces the Devil to us, he has already made a name for himself with his ghost-like appearance and his amazing feats. None wish to stand up to him, yet Red Wolf knows that he must in order to keep the peace and the law. Syd Shores provides the artwork once again and each issue continues to improve upon the last as he gets more and more familiar with our hero. This story also puts a bit of a spotlight on Fawn, the Indian maiden who loves Red Wolf and who surprisingly, loves her in return. From the first when both Molly Brennan and Fawn were introduced, it was hopeful that there would have been some sort of love triangle storyline, but as Red Wolf confesses in the book, he must always ride alone if he is to remain the Owayodata. That does not mean that these women will stop tempting him or Red Wolf stop being tempted, but he takes his sacred duties seriously and you can see that it will go nowhere. Being both a western and a book that does not break the mold that often, the good guys do win out in the end and Devil Mask is brought to justice. As is often the case with this book, a great job is done by all involved and it always leaves you wanting more. Additionally, there is a backup tale involving the Harlon Brothers which is all right, but it would have been nice to see a little more of Red Wolf than anything else.

4 out of 5

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