Revenge and Prophecy – Bleed (2016)

Bleed is a 2016 horror film that packs a lot in to its eighty-two minute running time, takes a little while to get going and when it does, becomes almost too much.  Almost.  It really is not all that bad, though there are some really interesting editing/special effect choices during the first half of the film when transitioning scenes.  The story concerns a young woman who has just moved into a new house with her husband with the two of them expecting their first child.  A couple of friends come over for a visit when her brother crashes the party with his significant other and that is when things start to turn from your everyday kind of normal into something else altogether.  It seems bleed-2Eric, played by Riley Smith, likes to hunt ghosts and he suggests that they head out to the local abandoned prison to see what they can find.  Most are against it, but soon they agree and find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for.

For the most part, this is a ghost story and it starts out like one.  As things ramp up in the latter half of the film, it adds in a little bit of a revenge plot and some crazy cult that is looking for some sort of chosen one – for what reason is never really explained.  It does get a little confusing and instead of focusing on the story, director Tripp Rhame decides to give us a very frenetic and clichéd chase sequence as the explorers try to escape the prison and the cult without getting killed.  There is a lot of blood and gore which is bleed-3just fine – this being a horror movie and all and the special effects for the ghost were pretty good.  But all of that does not equal a good film if the story is lacking and it is sad to say, that while it started out decent enough, it did not end as such.

Chelsey Crisp would play the lead, Riley Smith her brother and Michael Steger her husband and all would do a fine job.  They were only as good as the material and while it could have been better, it did manage to entertain.  A stronger ending and a little more explanation would have gone a long way into making this a real must-watch horror film, but as it is, there are better movies with which to spend your time.  Bleed is okay and nothing much more than that.

2.5 out of 5

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