Sunday Sessions – Don McLean

don-mcleanDon McLean has been one of the world’s greatest singer-songwriters for nearly fifty years now and like every artist, he would release one song that would define him for the rest of his life, that being of course, American Pie. Other songs would do well for him and continue to cement him as an artist prolific in meaningful words like Vincent, Castles in the Sky, Empty Chairs, And I Love You So and Wonderful Baby. None of them though, would be associated with him as much as American Pie and it is easy to see why. Clocking in at eight minutes and thirty-three seconds long, it was longer than any song that would be currently played on the radio and to this day, there are very few that would ever play the anthem in full. The lyrics of the song would be studied for decades, such was the impact that the track had made. Allusions to Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and news events of the time, many of them tragedies, would fill the verses and while never truly spelling anything out, it would be that mystery that would entrance generations of people. To this day, McLean still records and performs, playing gigs big and small, joining Garth Brooks at a concert in Central Park to playing Glastonbury many years later. Still a talented man and still influential, nothing would ever really match the fame that American Pie had brought him, but it would keep him in the spotlight long after it was released. If you can make it past his perennial hit, check out the rest of the American Pie album – a true classic; listen to Crying and the rest of the songs that made him who he is today. Worth exploring for anyone who considers themselves a fan of music.

American Pie 1971 Full Album

Empty Chairs (Live)

American Pie live at BBC in 1972

And I Love You So

Castles in the Air

And I Love You So/Castles In The Air/Vincent/Crying Live 2016

The Late Late Show

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