Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #33

kamandi-33Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – D. Bruce Berry
Letters – D. Bruce Berry

Jack Kirby splits this story’s focus in two, concentrating upon the efforts put forth by Kamandi and Doctor Canus and in part, Tuftan and Ben Boxer upon the sea. As to the former, Doctor Canus is trying to fashion a new body for Me, the alien that was stranded upon the Earth after the portal to his home dimension was closed. Doctor Canus has a theory on how to do it and it is not by simply crafting a body – they will transmute Me’s electrical form so that it might create its own body. Kamandi does not understand most of it, but he gets the basics and is eager to see the outcome. This is where Kirby lets his imagination start to run wild with his big ideas and that great comic book pseudo-science that always seems to make sense even though it never could in the real world. While all of that is fantastic, Kirby also manages to pack just as much action into the story as is humanly possible with Ben and Tuftan trying to save the Tiger’s ship from the Ape marauders. It is a fierce battle and eventually, the Tigers manage to come out on top. In the previous couple of issues, Kirby has shown Tuftan to have gone through a bit of a personality change and that becomes fully apparent during the fight. Tuftan has become very short of temper and more rigid. He has little time for anything but the rules and his duties as a prince. For a moment in the last book, it looked as if he might have come back to himself and become the Tuftan we have known all along, but his time away from Kamandi has changed him. While Caesar might enjoy the change in his son, nobody else does and at this point, it does not seem as if Tuftan is going to lighten up anytime soon. There is some really interesting back and forth between Ben and Tuftan, the latter thinking Ben just a stupid animal – part of this entire attitude change. Where Tuftan used to be accepting of people like Kamandi and Ben, something has obviously changed and should make things between the characters going forward full of tension, at least among other things. With an ending that could mean some very exciting stories, the book continues to fire on all cylinders.

4 out of 5

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