Big Brother Season 18 – The Finale!

bbfinaleOh, what a season!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought this season was pretty damn awesome.  Definitely more interesting than some of the previous seasons, despite the fact that there was no one house guest that I absolutely loved over anyone else.  There were a small handful that I kind of liked in a ‘oh, I wouldn’t mind if this person won’ kind of way, and there were a couple that I absolutely hated and never want to see on my T.V. screen again (I’m looking at you, Michelle).  I think the closest I came to really enjoying a house guest was probably Paulie and then that whole controversy went down.  While I’m definitely not team Natalie, Paulie only had himself to blame for being evicted.

We’ll get more into some of that stuff later.  First, the finale!  I spent most of the finale rooting for Nicole to win, so seeing Paul beat her in both parts of the final HoH challenge was disheartening.  I thought for sure that that win sealed his fate as the winner.  Paul, I think, has been the strongest strategic player this whole season, so who would vote against him at the end?  He definitely would have beaten James because, as one of the house guests said when they were talking to Dr. Will, he didn’t do much except follow Natalie around.  I thought for sure that he would have beaten Nicole too and I would have put money on it.  I will say though, that she gave some really great answers when the jury members asked their questions and I think that might have been what it took to get her the win.  Yay!  I think I actually cheered out loud!

Victor winning America’s House Guest wasn’t a big shock, though I was a little surprised that Paul didn’t even make the top three and equally surprised that Natalie did.  But then, maybe I’m a little biased on the whole issue, since I wasn’t a Natalie fan at all.  Obviously I was in the minority as enough people considered her a favourite to get her into the top three.  I think it was fitting that Victor won and if I could have voted, I would have voted for him too.  He played a clean game, didn’t screw anyone over (as far as I know), and he made it back into the house multiple times!  That’s pretty impressive.  He was kind of a jerk in the beginning (though again, this is mostly according to Natalie), but when he came back, he seemed to be the player with the heart of gold.  I don’t think anyone was more deserving of that prize.

One person I will be happy to never see or hear again is Michelle.  Man, I can’t stand that girl.  And yes, I mean girl.  In my opinion, she is much too whiny and immature to be called a woman.  I’ve only seen a handful of seasons of this show, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bitterer jury member and still for no reason that I can see or understand.  She kept calling her a snake all season, but I don’t think she ever really gave any valid reasons for feeling the way she did about her.  I think it’s interesting that Michelle went from absolutely loving Nicole at the beginning of the season, wanting to work with her and all that, to absolutely hating her by halfway through.  I thought her answers and behaviour when they were talking to Dr. Will were just ridiculous -such contempt for someone for no apparent reason.  Then getting upset and even crying when Corey tried to defend her?  Ridiculous!  Of course he would defend her!  To make it about herself when talking about Nicole’s merits is only typical of Michelle.  She’s used those tears to make it about herself all season, like when she hit Paul with the apple and then cried all over it when she realized what she’d done.  Yes, she probably felt guilty about what she’d done, but I think it was just as much about the fact that she didn’t want people to hate her for it.  So she turns on the tears to make everyone feel sorry for her.  Drives me nuts.  If she ever makes it on another season of this show, I’m pretty sure I won’t watch.  In my book, she’s right up there next to Frankie for most hated house guest.

Something I did love this season?  The Road Kill challenges.  I didn’t like the team aspect of things, but the challenges and the ability to anonymously nominate a third house guest was great.  I wish they’d done it for longer than they did.  When it comes to twists, I think that was the best one they’ve come up with in the past few years.  Battle of the Block had been terrible.  The team thing was stupid.  The whole challenge thing at the beginning of this season was one of the worst ideas ever on the show and I think Glenn would agree with me on that.  This show is supposed to be about the social game and that whole first bit was all about competition prowess and nothing else. I really hope they don’t do anything like that again next year.  If they want to bring back the Road Kill challenges, I’m all for that. I’d also love to see Have Not competitions come back too.  Those were always fun and I think we need a little more of that again.  I also think they need to bring back the old way of nominating house guests.  It was a lot more interesting watching them each pull out their own key and get more and more nervous as others were pulled but not theirs.  That was so much more suspenseful and I think we need that again.

Overall, I think this was a great season.  We had entertaining house guests and a decent amount of controversy.  I do wonder how some of them will fare now that they’ve left the house.  Will Paulie receive backlash from the public or from his employer for his behaviour?  Will Natalie?  I wish they’d air a ‘where are they now’ episode every year before the new season starts.  I think it’d be really interesting to know how the show has changed their lives.  Either way, this season has been interesting.  I wouldn’t say it’s been as on your seat as the Canadian version this year, but it’s kept my interest all summer and it makes me excited to see what they pull off next year.

What did you think of this season?  Did you like it?  Hate it?  Anyone interested enough to watch the fall version online?  Let me know in the comments below!  It’s been a great season, everyone!  I hope you all had a blast!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Totally agree. This was a great season. A lot of drama, strategy, and laughter. Paul covered all three of those with one word: friendship. Hehehe. I was rooting for him. And it was close. I’m glad a returnee won like Nicole though. She played a great game, laying low-key when needed and teaming up with Captain Christmas. I’m glad Victor won fan fav. Being loyal doesn’t work for the game, but his honor and ability to win challenges won me over. I really loved the earlier teams and Road Kill challenges too. They were lots of fun, plus added some new strategy into the game. BB fans are familiar with the process so this mix up added some tasty new flavour. 😉 I can’t wait for BB Canada. I wonder if Canadians can watch the new online CBS Access show? There’s so much Big Brother to keep track of. Thanks for these fantastic reviews, Rebecca. Right on #writeon!


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