Mind Capsules – Batman #7 and Trinity #1

Batman #7

Writer – Steve Orlando, Tom King
Artist – Riley Rossmo
Inker – Riley Rossmo
Colours – Ivan Plascencia
Letters – Deron Bennett

Night of the Monster Men finally rears its head after being hinted at in the previous storyline and it is everything that this book should be about. Perhaps not necessarily monsters when it comes down to it – but danger, excitement and all-out action with a bit of detecting going on to round it all off. Written primarily by Steve Orlando, he and Tom King decide to let a hurricane rain down upon Gotham and it looks to be the worst one to ever hit the city. Batman is adamant that no citizen will lose their life during this natural disaster and to that effect, he has called in the troops to help out. He has a plan and just when he is about to put it in play, trouble happens and it is of the kind that does not bode well for anybody. If there is one thing you do not see too often in a Batman book, if ever, are giant monsters. As Batman stated within the pages of the book, he has indeed faced monsters and they are no doubt, some of the worst that humanity has to offer. These are of a different caliber altogether, these are truly monsters and while Batman and the team have a lot of experience against facing many different types of opponents, they will have to expand their playbook just a little. With Orlando coming on board, even if it is just for this single story, his script lends towards the grandiose which is perfect for a tale such as this. It needs to feel like a big story and Orlando makes it do just that. Aiding him in this endeavor is Riley Rossmo whose pencils have never looked better. His creature design is fantastic and highly inventive and these monsters truly stand apart from any that have appeared in the DC Universe proper. Just where it is that he came up with these twisted caricatures is unknown, but if he were to stay on as the permanent penciller of the book, it would be fascinating to see just how he would delineate the rest of Batman’s rogues gallery. Orlando wastes no time in revealing the villain of the story, who was alluded at in previous issues and as the book begs off to be continued in Nightwing #5, he leaves you with a sense of not only wonder, but palpable excitement.

4.5 out of 5

Trinity #1

Writer – Francis Manapul
Artist – Francis Manapul
Letters – Steve Wands

For a nice, light read, Trinity is a book that really does it right and that can be attributed to writer and artist, Francis Manapul. Whether this issue sets the tone for the rest of the series is up in the air at the moment, but it is nice to see our heroes kick back essentially and just enjoy each other’s company. Manapul understands the characteristics of each person and he nails their personalities perfectly. Bruce is a little wary of Clark and refuses to just trust him outright while Diana is willing to give him a chance. Lois, who arranged the dinner in the first place, wants to make sure that she knows Clark will be in good hands when he is off saving the world and that she in turn can trust them. It is a short and simple story, with nothing complicated about it and sometimes, it is just what the doctor ordered. The artwork is beautiful and Manapul truly outdoes himself on this book, the work even better than his Flash output from the previous few years. The only problem that can be found is the page count which only added up to fifteen. Even if you only paying $2.99 a book, fifteen pages of story and art is a far cry from the regular twenty-two that books have sported for decades. In recent years, some books have had twenty, but fifteen is simply not enough. Thankfully, the story was so good that it made up for it in a way, but future issues definitely need to be longer. All in all though, this was a good, solid first issue and it will be fun to see where it leads next.

4 out of 5

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  1. Good start to night of the monster men in Batman #7, this was an exciting issue, and I look forward to seeing what happens next in Nightwing #5. I’ve got Trinity #1 but haven’t had a chance yet today to read it. Great reviews of two really good issue on New Comic book day 🙂

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