Mind Capsules – Nailbiter #25 and Squadron Supreme #11

Nailbiter #25

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colours – Adam Guzowski
Letters – John J. Hill

The Butcher, or as he is later called by Edward – Mister Fatale, has captured Alice and instead of killing her has decided to have a conversation with her about the serial killers of Buckaroo and how she too could become one. He talks of the Master’s process and the stages she must go through if she is to be one of them. Suffice it to say, Joshua Williamson has other things in mind for the daughter of Crane and Edward and soon enough, the tension and the suspense ramp up exponentially and someone gets murdered. The great thing about the entire series is that it is just one large mystery and while it can be frustrating at times, there are moments where Williamson and Mike Henderson will reveal little bits of it here and there to whet your appetite and keep you coming back for more. Such is the case here as Mister Fatale goes into his entire existence, how it is tied into the town and how it also involves Warren, though that is no big surprise as every facet of this story seems to include him in some way. Though we never see the Master that the Butcher refers to, we at least learn something of his process and the fact that the serial killers are not necessarily born, but made or more accurately, a little of both. One has to have the right psychological makeup for the Master to accept you – the Bucher has it, Edward has it and the Butcher sees it in Alice. The atmosphere is so thick in this book that you could cut it with a knife and you have to love it when a story can keep you interested in it for so long. While the back and forth between the Butcher and Alice is the main focus, the story also cuts back to Crane and her companions as they try to figure out just where it is that Alice has gone. This is also quite intriguing because of late, the local law enforcement has not only worked with Warren on a couple of different occasions, but now they are also working with the Blonde – another one of the infamous killers that the town has coughed up over the years. While the creators have taken two steps forward with this issue, they also take a step back, which has almost become predictable at this point. Still, Nailbiter remains a terrific read and is more compelling than ever which is more than some titles can say.

4 out of 5

Squadron Supreme #11

Writer – James Robinson
Artist – Leonard Kirk
Inker – Paul Neary, Marc Deering
Colours – Chris Sotomayer
Letters – VC’s Travis Lanham

Warrior Woman needs to reach Doom’s time machine which is hidden within the bowels of the Baxter Building and if she has to go through Spider-Man, then that is exactly what she will do. In fact, she expected Spidey to show up and was prepared for his interference. What she may not have been completely ready for was the quickness in which the Squadron Supreme would show up to lend a hand, but that would work to her advantage in the end. James Robinson and Leonard Kirk start the book off with a bang and it never slows down even for a second as Spidey decides to take them all on, despite him being outnumbered and outmatched. People who have been reading this book from the start will realize that with the time machine, Warrior Woman will be able to prevent the death of Namor or at the very least, snatch him from that moment in time where he is about to die and bring him to the present. That is something that neither the Squadron nor Spider-Man can allow and yet, with them being so preoccupied with each other, there is nothing they can really do to stop her. Add to the mix Modred the Mystic, whose spells come in awfully handy sometimes and Warrior Woman looks to be like the eventual winner in all of this. Robinson does manage to shake things up a little with the disappearance of a couple members of the Squadron and the interference of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Jim Hammond proving that yet again, things will not always go according to plan. Questions are raised of course and Robinson is good at making the reader wait until the next issue to receive them. Of all the Marvel books at the moment, the Squadron Supreme is one of the few that feature good, old fashioned heroics – albeit with a little spin on the concept. Hopefully the next issue will finally feature the return of Namor, something fans have been waiting for and quite possibly, something that will be to the detriment of the team.

4 out of 5

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