Saturday Soundtracks – Paint Your Wagon

There are a lot of people who do not really care for the film version of Paint Your Wagon made in 1961. Some of the reasons include the casting, the changes made, the singing ability of its stars and so on. Suffice it to say, if you give the film a shot you would be pleasantly surprised and so it is with the soundtrack as well. When listening to it, you will notice that Clint Eastwood is not the greatest singer to have ever lived and while that may be true to an extent, the fact that he is not lends a real vulnerability to the character and to the songs that he sings. The man does not have it easy being in love with his best friend’s wife and when I Still See Elisa and I Talk to the Trees take place, they seem just a little more poignant when Eastwood sings them. That brings us to Lee Marvin, another man not exactly known for breaking out in song in any film. Like Eastwood, the man has some talent, but he is not as good as those who starred in the original musical. Also like Eastwood, the fact that he is not the best there ever was makes what he sings just a bit better, it means more with his gruff and brusque manner with his standout track being Wand’rin’ Star; a song that actually made it to number one. Additionally, the film starred the truly fantastic Harve Presnell who was not only a talented actor, but an incredibly wonderful singer, the man having sung for most of his life and adding some much needed punch to the film with his standout number being They Call the Wind Maria. Jane Seberg would sing a tune at one point and Alan Dexter would deliver a catchy number in The Gospel Of No Name City among those by the rest of the cast. At the end of they day, you either love the movie or you do not and the same can be said of the soundtrack. Thankfully, like all good soundtracks, you do not need to have seen the film to enjoy it on its own which is really, quite easy to do.


00:04 Chorus – Main Title (I’m On My Way)
03:55 Clint Eastwood – I Still See Elisa
05:49 Lee Marvin – The First Thing You Know
07:56 Lee Marvin, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band* & Chorus – Hand Me Down That Can O’ Beans
10:47 Harve Presnell & Chorus – They Call The Wind Maria
14:30 Jean Seberg – A Million Miles Away Behind The Door
17:58 Harve Presnell & Chorus – There’s A Coach Comin’ In
23:19 Paint Your Wagon Chorus – Whoop-Ti-Ay! (Shivaree)
25:22 Clint Eastwood – I Talk To The Trees
28:25 Alan Dexter – The Gospel Of No Name City
30:13 Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood & Chorus – Best Things
33:51 Lee Marvin – Wand’rin Star
38:24 Clint Eastwood & Chorus – Gold Fever
41:38 Harve Presnell, Jean Seberg & Chorus – Finale


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