Big Brother Season 18 Week 13 – Double the Eviction, Double the Fun

bb13Does anyone else feel like every season, the house is full of hypocrites?  Certain house guests will make a decision or make a move and then will get pissed off when someone does the same thing to them the next week or vice versa.  It happens every season and every year, I find myself screaming at my T.V. when the house guests start doing things like this.

This week, it’s all about Victor and Paul.  A couple of weeks ago, they sealed a final four deal with Corey and Nicole.  Together, they got rid of Michelle and then Natalie, and when it came time for NiCorey to repay their kindness, the duo put the boys up on the block and sent Victor home.  Now, I can understand why the boys would be upset.  They got rid of Michelle for NiCorey and then they stuck together to get rid of Natalie and now NiCorey can’t be bothered to return the favour and keep them safe.

On the other hand, I don’t think you can really blame them for turning on the boys.  With Corey winning HoH this week, he can’t compete next time, which would leave Nicole fighting for both of them against Paul and Victor and those aren’t great odds.  The boys would have twice the chance to win HoH and then they would send either Nicole or Corey home because they wouldn’t turn on each other.  So it’s definitely in NiCorey’s best interest to turn on them and side with James.  I would expect the boys to do exactly the same thing if the tables were turned and they were the ones in charge.  They claim that they wouldn’t, but I’m not sure about that.  The way I see it, they’re either lying or stupid, because it would be in their best interest to get rid of Corey or Nicole for the very reasons that NiCorey are getting rid of them.

Feelings are still hurt though and there is a lot of anger and a loss of friendship according to Paul.  The boys can’t see past the betrayal to the strategy behind the couple’s decision.  Maybe Paul isn’t as smart as we’ve been led to believe throughout most of the summer?  I don’t know.  I can understand letting your emotions get the best of you, but I do find it a little ridiculous.  This is a game for half a million.  People you’ve aligned with ten minutes ago aren’t going to save you because of friendship.  They may be willing to sacrifice themselves for each other, but not for you.

I do want to say that I love the comic book challenge, though I wish they’d let us see the books for more than a split second.  I know that we can find them online to look at them more thoroughly, but I don’t think they spent enough time on the reactions to the different comics this year like they did in previous years.  It was a great challenge though and I’m glad Nicole won.  I still do not see how she’s this big snake.  As far as I’m concerned, the moves she’s made over the past few weeks have been completely valid.  Natalie wanted to get rid of Corey, so she had to go.  Michelle was gunning only for her it seemed, so she had to go too and this week, if they didn’t get rid of Victor, one of them would be next.  I mean, one of them was next anyway, but still.  At least this way, there was a chance that they both could have made it to the final three.

Now, it’s also true that Paul made the right decision in aligning with James to split up NiCorey.  He knows that he can beat James and he knows that James could take him to the final two, whereas Nicole and Corey would take each other.  I’m not sure Corey was the better one to get rid of over Nicole, since I think Nicole has played a better strategic game, I think, but they accomplished their goal in splitting them up.  Notice that you didn’t see Nicole and Corey getting angry with Paul for putting them up together.  They understand that it was the right move for him.  They can think strategically.  Unless they got all angry on the live feeds, in which case, I stand corrected.

I don’t even know what the hell happened in the jury house. One minute they’re just talking about who is going to be evicted next and then suddenly, Paulie and Da’Vonne are going at it and Day looks like she’s going to wrestle him to the ground.  I did catch the part where he said she was a bad influence on her daughter, which was definitely the wrong thing to say.  Dude, I’m not one to stick up for Day because I think she’s a little ridiculous (Classy?  I think not.), but you do not talk about someone’s daughter like that unless you want to get punched.  I’m also not sure what the hell happened to make Zakiyah slide back in beside Paulie again, but the fact that the other girls have written her off is a little unfair.  They’re pissed because she let him back in again because they think he’s a slime-ball, so they…cut her out?  Really?  If you’re worried about a friend being with a bad guy, you try to help her out of the situation.  You don’t just turn your back on her.  Then she feels like she’s got no choice but to be with him.  I’ve never been a Zakiyah fan, but I feel bad for her.  She doesn’t deserve the treatment the other girls give her.

Friday night’s episode was mostly unimportant and it drives me crazy that they air these episodes every year.  Yes, it was nice to see some more of the pranks that they pulled on each other, but really?  A full hour of flashbacks, especially ones we’ve all seen before?  Waste of time.  And if I ever hear Michelle crying again, I may just stab pencils in my ears so I won’t have to listen to that awful wailing ever again.  They did touch on a few game moves though, like Paul trying to secure final two deals with both Nicole and James.  It’s a great move for him to make, but the other two would be stupid to take him over each other.  Nicole seems to be smart enough to tell him what he wants to hear without actually planning on following through.  James?  Not so much.  He’s apparently willing to follow through on his promise to take Paul to the end and if he does?  Well, he can say goodbye to the half-mil.  Neither of these two can beat Paul.  He’s clearly the best strategic player in the house and I’m willing to bet that most of the jury would vote for him to win.  No, Nicole and James’s only chance at winning it all would be to take each other.  Even then, I don’t think James has much of a chance.  He hasn’t been strategic enough all season, since he let Natalie run his game for a large portion of the summer.  I do think he’s got a good chance of winning the first part of the final HoH challenge as he’s usually good at endurance comps, but that’s about it.  Nicole has shown she’s got attention to detail and Paul will most likely do well on the comp involving his memory of the summer’s events.  Who will win the Final HoH is a total mystery, but I’m rooting for Nicole.  I’d love for a woman to win again since it’s been so long since it last happened and I think she’s played a decent strategic game.  She can hardly be criticized for flip-flopping, since everyone in the house did the same thing.  I think if he goes up against James, she’ll win it all.

What predictions do you have for the final episodes?  Who do you think will win it all? Let me know and we’ll see you one last time, next week!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. I have to disagree somewhat. It was a good game move for Nicole and Corey but they (Nicole especially) got offended because Vic wouldn’t be happy about leaving. Yes, it’s a game for 500k so expect the person who just lost any chance at it to be upset. Nicole and Corey were ticked at Paul when they were nominated. This is apples and oranges. Even if Paul/Vic may have been willing to do the same in that situation, they hadn’t done it. They weren’t guilty of it. There are 3 reasons you saw a calmer reaction when they went up. 1-They had just screwed over Paul/Vic so they expected it. 2-With Paul as HOH and James winning veto, they didn’t have options at that point in the game. 3-They were up against each other which limited them even further to try and work James.
    We don’t know that the women in jury turned their backs on Z, other than Paulie saying it. DaVonne said Z had isolated herself off with Paulie. Maybe they are both lying. Get rid of both comments. However, we do know that Z did that in the game house so I can see her doing it in jury house. (makes me lean towards Da’s version) The women have tried to help her. They did this when she was in the game too. Z got furious at Da for telling her she should put some pants on one night when she was tipsy. She said it like you would to a little sister. Z was running around in a red thong, a short nightie and her ass hanging out all evening on live feeds and after dark. She was crawling on Paulie and licking him. She straddled him. She was air humping him with a room full of people while he was trying to ignore her. Da was telling her she would regret stuff like that later. (About being mostly naked) Da seemed hurt that it was happening, not mad. Once Z went to jury, she got a wake up call bur then went eight back. I feel sorry for her too but she is obviously a woman who is gonna jump and write you off if you tell her its too high. What Z doesn’t deserve, instead of the women ignoring her is Paulie treating her like she’s a $2 hooker. The women have tried to help her. She doesn’t want it. I don’t blame Da and Bridgette separating themselves from it probably because they don’t want to witness someone who doesn’t want to be helped.
    I can’t enjoy the pranks. Partly it’s so last year but mostly because I know the details of the shower one with Corey especially. Vic had just spent about 8 hours scrubbing the entire bathroom and kitchen. He had also unclog he’d the shower drain for the 10th time. (He was almost the only person who cleaned) It was so nasty, he just couldn’t live in it. (It’s bugged him all summer) Within an hour of finishing, Nicole thought it was a great idea to dump baby powder all over Corey but mostly on the kitchen floor. (That’s the reason corey was in the shower) Afterwards, Nicole and James did the ice water and baby powder in the shower. It was all over the floor also. James also used flour and Nicole also used coffee grounds. I can only imagine what coffee grounds and flour mixed with hot water did in that drain. The prank section of the show Friday just reminded me of how most of them live like pigs and figured Vic could just clean again. Rude!
    I disagree on the final 2 vote turn out also . I agree Paul has been the most strategic with Nicole 2nd. I think Paul could beat Nicole but barely and maybe not. I think it may be close enough to be determined by who evicts James. I think Natalies vote may greatly be decided by that. He could be bitter because he won’t have had time to process it and let it go. I think James has a good chance of beating Paul (for the wrong reasons) This often comes down to “how and why” they vote.
    That’s just my 2 cents.

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  2. I think if James wins anything it will be a travesty. He came into this game to float to the end . If he makes it what will he say in his final speech. Hey I loved chasing Nat, scaring people, and eating sandwiches. and throwing comps (supposedly) . Please let neither Paul or Nicole take him, but earn the $500k by taking each other. This is Big Brother NOT Big Loafer James! Last rodeo for you I hope!


  3. Natalie has already said that if James is out of the running, she will 100% vote for Nicole.
    She wants a woman to win in the worst way & although she was upset with Nicole for “backstabbing” them (which is laughable considering she said she wanted to vote Corey out, right in front of Corey!), she already commended Nicole’s strategic game during a conversation with James & said she would vote for her to win, no matter who she’s up against (with the exception of James).

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    • Well, at least Natalie can see things strategically in the way that Nicole has played, even though she thinks Nicole backstabbed her instead of the other way around. It’ll be interesting to see how things all go down. I think it’s going to be a close vote no matter who are in the final two.

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  4. Another great review, Rebecca 🙂 I see you’re rooting for Nicole. She’s had a nice under the radar game. Dominating the final few weeks with her dynamic duo partner, Captain Christmas.(I love that comic book game by the way)

    Nicole was smart to lay low up front, and played an impressive overall game. I’m still rooting for James, especially when it comes to the vets. Plus, he’s like Dr. Sabotage 🙂 That said, I’m rooting for Friendship. Paul mixed gameplay styles well, especially the social game.

    I hear ya about the jury house drama. That was crazy. I agree with you about those recap episodes too. They should do season awards like the UK version. Those are fun.

    I’m looking forward to the finale and your review.

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    • Thank you! I’m definitely rooting for Nicole, though I like all three house guests and wouldn’t be disappointed to see any of them win. Strategically, I think Paul has played the best game strategically, but Nicole has done so well this year. She’s made strategic moves with Corey, moves that were difficult to make, and she felt bad for the moves, but she did what she had to do. I commend her for that. Plus, not gonna lie, I think we need another female winner, finally. lol.

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      • That’s right. Been a while since there’s been a woman on top… of Big Brother… the show – Dur 😉


        Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to the finale. It’s weird to have Sunday night without BB though. BTW, I hope we can get next online season in Canada. Have you heard anything?

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