Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #13

doctor-strange-vol-2-13Writer – Steve Englehart
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Tom Palmer
Colours – Tom Palmer
Letters – John Costanza

The world has been destroyed and only Doctor Strange is left thanks to his sorcery. Eternity’s predictions came true as Baron Mordo, conscious and fully mad, sought out Strange to enact his vengeance and he did so in the most extreme of manners. It is at this moment that Steve Englehart brings back the missing villain, Nightmare who figured into the story at its beginning and it is here that Strange begins his quest to right all that has gone wrong. Even in this most dire of circumstances, Englehart portrays Strange as a man with more than enough courage for ten men, a man who is not so much desperate as he is driven to see his home and his planet restored. The story continues to feature the talented pencils of Gene Colan who is called upon to draw the very bizarre and extraordinary locales in the book, whether it be the empty space where the Earth had been or the outlandish realm that Nightmare calls home. It is in Nightmare’s domain that Strange eventually comes to realize that Eternity is being held a prisoner and eventually, he manages to free the cosmic being, putting him in Stephen’s debt. Watching Strange barter with the being who essentially encompasses the entire known universe is highly enjoyable and most of that can be attributed to Englehart’s turn of a phrase. Everything is grandiose and when Eternity speaks, you can imagine his voice booming and deafening out everything else that is. So it is that Eternity refuses to return what was destroyed, but With a little help from an unexpected ally, he decides to change his mind and as predicted, the Earth is returned. While there was a little bit of predictability involved, the book is written and drawn so well, that getting to the inevitable conclusion was a joy instead of a chore as these things sometimes tend to be. Another fantastic issue in a series that keeps getting better all the time.

4 out of 5

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