Mind Capsules – Detective Comics #940 and Doom Patrol #1

Detective Comics #940

Writer – James Tynion IV
Artist – Eddy Barrows
Inker – Eber Ferreira
Colours – Adriano Lucas
Letters – Marilyn Patrizio

Jacob Kane, father of Batwoman, thinks that what he is doing is the right thing and yet, many a man in the course of history thought the same when in fact, all they did was harm. Kane thinks that the League of Shadows exists and he believes that he knows just which members of Gotham’s citizenry that they hiding as. To that effect, he launched two waves of killer drones, after which Red Robin rerouted them with their new target being himself at Wayne Tower. The innocent civilians of Gotham would never be able to fight them off, but he might stand a chance and that is what James Tynion IV and Eddy Barrows give us with this latest issue – Red Robin against the impossible. Not only do we get a conclusion to the latest arc, but we also see Batwoman confront her father over everything that he has done and it is not every day that you see a member of the Bat-family yelling at their mom or dad. Jacob, despite everything, still thinks he is doing what is right and despite the government knocking on his door, he is ready to use alien technology to escape so that his fight can continue, at least until Kate stops him. While the first story of the newly re-launched title focused mainly on Batwoman, this particular issue put a lot of focus upon Tim Drake and his very heroic actions. Once again, as seen more recently in Batman by Tom King, we find our hero helpless in the face of a situation he can do nothing about. He calls for help which is the extent of what he can do. Thanks to Tynion IV’s script and Barrows who really pencils this book exceptionally well, you can see that the whole thing weighs heavily on Batman, that he knows it is not enough and that he might lose a friend. Tynion lets the rest of the team take a break with this issue, though there is a little bit with Spoiler which is always good to see, towards the end. The story is not left on a cliff-hanger so much as it is a very surprise ending and while it would be nice to see what comes next, the book flows into the Monster Men crossover taking place in the Bat-titles over their next issues. Great writing, incredible art and a group of fantastic characters really make Detective a standout title and one well-worth reading.

4 out of 5

Doom Patrol #1

Writer – Gerard Way
Artist – Nick Derington
Colours – Tamra Bonvillain
Letters – Todd Klein

If quirky or strange is on your menu for the day, then Doom Patrol by Gerard Way and Nick Derington is exactly what you are looking for. Part of DC’s Young Animal line, Doom Patrol starts off introducing us to Casie who happens to be an EMT and drives an ambulance for a living. Casie says and thinks things that are a little different than anyone else and for the most part, people find it charming, though it is a little weird. From there, Way just takes the book in seemingly any and every direction his mind wants to wander and as things are introduced – taken separately, they are fine. All together, the scenes involving Robotman emerging from a gyro(?), the alien consortium having a meeting about their fast food restaurants, new character Terry None blowing up Casie’s roommate and more aliens come the end of the book; all make for a very disjointed bit of reading as very little of it seems to have any connection to anything else. That being said, it is an interesting read because you want to know how they all connect up. Was Robotman on a microscopic world in a gyro? Is Casie deranged or just a woman with an overactive imagination? She witnessed her roommate as he exploded and acted as if everything was normal after all, so she cannot be all there. What is with all the aliens and once the team eventually forms up, because you know they have to as the title of the book is Doom Patrol, will they battle said aliens or join them in a conga line? At this point, given the very Morrison-esque nature of this title – anything can seemingly happen. The artwork by Derington is very clean and smooth and really catches the eye as you move from page to page. So far, the book looks good and it reads all right, but Way is going to have to pull the narrative together into something resembling a cohesive whole in order to keep readers reading. All of that and Niles Caulder writing a little music make Doom Patrol the weeks most unique launch.

3 out of 5

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  1. Detective Comics #140 was an awesome read. A stunning conclusion to this storyline, exciting, emotional, and action-packed. This one had it all. Tynion and the team on this book are doing amazing work. Really enjoyed Doom Patrol #1 as well, a wacky mindbending start to the new series. Loved it! Great reviews as always, have a fun new comic book day 🙂

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