Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #28

kamandi-28Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – D. Bruce Berry
Letters – D. Bruce Berry

Kamandi and Ben are still in what used to be Canada and still with Captain Pypar who has finally joined back up with his army forces. It is with this issue that Jack Kirby finally gives the reader a bigger picture of the world and how it has changed all these many years after the Great Disaster. For those that might have been curious about Pypar’s accent, which is also explained by this revelation and tells the reader just how it is that this army came into Canada and how it is that they all speak with different inflections like German and French. History and facts aside, Kirby takes Kamandi and Ben away from the army, our hero having had enough of Pypar’s demands and commands. There is a little more exploration of the strange wilderness that Canada has become and it continually finds the two characters in awe of their surroundings. At the same time, Ben and Kamandi realize that if any of this is to last, they need to stop Sacker’s men immediately and there really is no time like the present. Perhaps it is a foolhardy thing to do, but seeing the two men head off into what could be certain death for a cause they have just recently made their own is quite brave indeed and a nice bit of characterization on Kirby’s part. While they do cause a little damage on their own, the two of them are no match for the amount of men they currently face. Luckily, Captain Pypar and the rest of the army have arrived to take care of things and as an added bonus, bail them out. Astute readers will realize that Kirby throws another tidbit into the book concerning the armed forces of Captain Pypar, namely the fact that they are made up of different races that includes Dogs, Wolves and even Gorillas. There has been very little interaction between the various species as seen so far in the title and this shows that given the right cause or job that they are willing to work together. With Sacker’s men beaten back and defeated for the moment, will they come back stronger than ever or will Sacker give up on his foray into the great unknown? Readers also have to wonder if Kamandi will run into that Snake again and if so, who will be left standing between them.

4 out of 5

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