Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #9

Doctor Strange Vol 2 #9Writer – Steve Englehart
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Frank Chiaramonte
Colours – Janice Cohen
Letters – Karen Mantlo

Dormammu has crawled from the very center of the planet for one purpose and one purpose only – to rule over the Earth now that Doctor Strange is out of the picture. Unknown to Dormammu is that Doctor Strange and Clea are very much alive; having survived Umar’s best laid plans and are currently on their way back to our plane of reality. While Dormammu can expect a confrontation from his long-hated foe, he must also face one a little closer to home in the form of his sister, Umar. Most readers can attest that this little act of betrayal was not totally unexpected as such is usually the case when it comes to those whose persuasion tends to be evil. Steve Englehart, who has been chronicling the good Doctor’s latest adventures, not only provides a little action between the good guys and the bad, but also gives the reader a few little revelations during the course of the story. For one, while we do know the identity of Clea’s father, we learn just who it is that happens to be her mother. That in itself provides one of the better moments of the book and one that is quite surprising to say the least. There is a ton of mystical action present and most of it for naught. It is only when Clea tries a desperate attempt, one that involves a man who is currently dying and one who just so happens to have a connection to Umar which she exploits. It then signals the return of Dormammu once again and in turn, Mother Nature also makes herself known and the tide of battle is soon turned. Bringing this story to life is Gene Colan, a man famous for drawing darker stories of which Doctor Strange tends to have more in common with than those other four-coloured mainstays of the Marvel Universe. There is a lot of darkness in this particular tale and in the title overall, but it is always balanced out by our hero and by Clea who fight for what is right and good. The finale to this story arc gives the reader a happy ending, but it by no means signals the end to either Dormammu or his sister. You can be sure that they will be back at some point and when they do make their eventual return, you can bet that they will be better prepared.

4 out of 5

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  1. Also got hold of this ish this wk: fantastic stuff – a classic!
    At £2 ($2.60) it is th cheapest Dr Strange ish I have found thus far! (here they generally go for no less than £4)
    A welcome addition to anyone’s collection!

    Liked by 1 person

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