Big Brother Season 18 Week 11 – Battle of the Showmances

bbweek11When we went into this week, we knew one thing – the showmances were in control and it looked like nothing could stop them. Nicole, Corey, James and Natalie had teamed up and succeeded in getting rid of Victor and it was only a matter of time before Paul and Michelle joined him in the jury house. Once again, things were said and everything changed. James let it slip that Natalie had wanted to save Victor over Corey and Nicole began to distrust Natalie and James and with good reason too. Natalie and Michelle are really close and that could mean bad things for Nicole as Michelle has been gunning for her for weeks on end. Now it comes out that Natalie had wanted Corey to go home over Victor? It’s looking more and more like Natalie cannot be trusted.

Thankfully for Nicole, she’s in power this week after James throws her the challenge in exchange for safety for Natalie and himself. Though she plans on keeping her word to them, she’s not sure she wants to work with them anymore and why should she, when Paul and Victor, after making it back into the house for a third time, are willing and eager to work with Nicorey? These two haven’t screwed her over in the past week. Honestly, it’s difficult to keep up with who has screwed over who from week to week, which alliances are still intact and which ones are over. No one seems to be able to keep an alliance of more than two together for more than five minutes. It’s all a little exhausting. So when Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Victor decide to create the Final Four alliance, I’m a little skeptical. How many times have we heard this before? Not only that, but are we sure it’s wise to align with the two strongest players in the house? I’m really not sure. I believe that the boys are slightly more trustworthy than James and Natalie, but they’ll be almost impossible to beat if they make it to the end.

It’s a tough decision to make, one that could cost Nicole half a million, but she’s pretty confident that she’d made the right one. A few days ago, I would have completely disagreed with her (and actually did when she did make this decision), but now I definitely think she made the right choice. First of all, the fact that Natalie was so angry with James for throwing Nicole the challenge shows that she wasn’t as into that alliance as everyone else. Add to that the fact that she wanted Corey out, which is not really conducive to maintaining an alliance. She spends the whole week just lying in bed looking bitchy and it’s not a good look. I think her true colours are really starting to show now and it’s not super pleasant. Secondly, though I thought that keeping Michelle around would be a good idea because she’s basically a swing vote, which would probably not be good for Nicole’s game, as Michelle would vote against Nicole every time. Thirdly, Paul sticks his neck out and offers to go up on the block as a pawn against Michelle, which is a pretty ballsy move this late in the game. It shows everyone that he can be trusted and that he trusts her and Corey.

After the initial revelations of the Final 4 alliance, this week is pretty predictable. Nicole spends most of her time in the HoH room, as do her three boys, and James, Natalie, and Corey spend most of their time downstairs bitching about Nicole. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Michelle and Natalie complain about Nicole not talking game with them when they can’t be bothered to talk to her at all either. It just screams entitlement to me. Hello, ladies. Nicole is the one in power here. She doesn’t owe you anything. If you want to be saved, you need to grovel at her feet, not the other way around. I’ve never been a Big Meech fan and this week she just gets on my last nerve. She’s a little nuts and she’s abrasive. She’s a super fan, but she can’t seem to see the mistakes she’s making in her social game. Maybe she feels like she’s not nothing left to lose after blowing up her own game the week she got saved over Bridgette. I don’t know, but I’m definitely not upset when she’s shown the door. Natalie needs to be the next one to go. Seeing that bitchy face all week has definitely soured me on her and it seems like she gets a little crabby when she doesn’t get what she wants. I hope James is up for that because otherwise, he could be in for some tough times – that is, if she doesn’t immediately dump him after they leave the house.

The other thing I find interesting is the fact that Victor doesn’t even suspect anything when Corey gives him the bribe money to evict Michelle over Paul. I think it’s actually kind of cute that he’s so touched when Corey makes the deal with him. He has no idea that it’s purely a game move to make sure that Michelle goes home over Paul. I highly doubt that he’d ever vote his bestie out to save Michelle, but I do think it was a great idea for Corey to bribe him anyway. You can never be too sure on this show.

So now Michelle is gone and I’m ecstatic to never have to hear that whiny voice or see her bawl her eyes out again. The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting, since we are basically left with three couples. Someone is going to lose their partner this upcoming week and I can’t wait to find out who it might be. I want Natalie out next because I think she’s a lot less sweet than she’s letting everyone believe though she looks like she could have the best chance of winning the chicken wire/egg competition, as she’s got smaller fingers than all the dudes. My hope is that one of the Final Four will pull it off so that they can get rid of Natalie. Nicole has fulfilled her promise to not put them up on the block, so now they’re fair game.

What Michelle had said about needing to go after the guys was absolutely true. If Victor and/or Paul make it to the end, they will win the money because Paul is the best strategic player and Victor deserves it just for getting back into the game twice. I still have hope for Nicole and Corey. No matter what happens though, I think the next few weeks are going to be exciting. For the first time in a few seasons, I honestly have no idea who will win, nor do I have any idea who I actually want to win. As long as it is not Natalie.

What did you think about this week’s goings on? Whose team are you on? Let me know in the comments below, and we’ll see you next week!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Rebecca… Wellie wellie well, another season of Big Brother is nearly complete. Sorry I missed your earlier articles. I know they were probably fantastic – as always. It’s been an interesting season so far eh? I wish they kept those initial teams longer, but there’s been some good twists. That last care package was kinda lame though. It should have been more of a gamechanger than a bribe.

    It sounds like you’re rooting for Nicole from the vets. I’m sayin James. I think he’s laid low when necessary, plus he’s just as fun as ever. However, I really like Paul too. While Victor would make a great winner because of returning twice, I think Paul played a better strategic game. He deserves the win. Plus: “Friendship.” 😉

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode and finding out who held off those swooping birds from smashing their eggs. BB gets a little more Japanese game show every year 🙂

    Take care, I’ll check back in for the next one. Keep up the great reviews!

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    • I’ve loved this season so far! I wasn’t a big fan of the teams, but I liked BB Roadkill, and I wish they’d kept that around longer. I liked having three nominees, especially since one was secret. It made things more interesting, and paranoia amongst the house guests is always fun. The last care package was so dumb. They should have put that one out earlier and one of the other care packages later.

      I like Nicole and James. They’re my picks to win, though I’m positive that no one could beat Paul or Victor in a final 2. Paul is a great strategic player, and Victor’s a beast. If they can make it to the end, they’ll clean up with the jury. No question.

      It’s great to see you again! I’ve missed seeing you around!

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