Big Brother Season 18 Week 10 – The Aftermath

bbweek10Last week was a week in Big Brother that we don’t get to see every year – big controversy and lines drawn in the sand by both house guests and fans alike. There are some people who definitely didn’t like my stance on the issue, though in my defense, I will reiterate that I don’t watch the live feeds. I only watch the broadcast, so my opinion was based on the edit they gave Paulie. It was said that Natalie and the other girls were absolutely right to feel threatened by him because apparently he’s a terrible human being. I can’t speak on that as I don’t know the whole story, so if anyone would like to fill me in, please let me know. Either way, at the moment all I can do is stand by my own statements from last week, at least until I’m privy to more information.

But anyway, that’s in the past, at least for the moment. Now, we get to deal with the aftermath of last week’s fallout and that includes Paulie telling Paul, Corey, and Nicole to go after James and Victor, before he heads out the door. Now, I can’t remember Paul’s reaction to this strategy, whether he actually agreed to it or not, but Nicole takes the idea and runs with it – in the opposite direction that Paulie proposed. She goes and tells James and Natalie this news and intimates that Paul was in on the plan and as a result the two showmances agree to work together. Now whether or not Nicole is lying, I believe this is the best move for both couples if they can both stick to the plan. The four of them control the house and they can relatively easily pick the others off one by one before going after each other. But then again, that was the plan for the Executive as well, and look how that turned out. Still though, if they can fight the urge to screw each other over, these four could make it to the end.

And it starts with the HoH challenge, which is a black box competition. They have to hold a button down in an apparently puke-inducing scented room until the voice allows them thirty seconds to search for discs hidden in sludge and feathers. If they don’t make it back to their button before the thirty seconds are up, they’re out of the challenge. The other thing to note is that some of the discs are decoys – they don’t fit on the post the way the real discs do, so some of the discs they find won’t count. Michelle also has an advantage in this challenge because she’d won the pie eating competition last week, so she gets an extra thirty seconds of searching on her own. In the end it hardly matters as she’s the first one out of the challenge. James also gets eliminated when he slips and misses his button and when everything wraps up, Corey and Natalie both finish the game with ten discs each and since Natalie placed her last disc first, she wins HoH!

Natalie doesn’t get to enjoy that status alone for long as the care package drops in for Michelle and her prize is co-HoH! This means she gets to sleep in the HoH room (sorry James!) and she gets to nominate one person while Natalie nominates the other. This sucks. Natalie won HoH fair and square and America gives Crazypants half the power? I’m definitely not a fan of this care package. Michelle wants to nominate Nicole since she’s had a hate on for her for ages and once again, if someone can explain to me why Nicole is so terrible, I’d really like to know. As it is, Natalie convinces her to nominate Paul as he and Victor are really close and will take each other to the end. But, in true Meech fashion, she goes one step further, making it clear that Paul is the true target here.

As you can imagine, this does not go over well with Paul, who accuses the girls of stabbing him in the back before coming after Natalie and demanding to know how he supposedly lied to the girls. Natalie isn’t having any of it, which just seems to piss Paul off more and in turn makes Natalie even less inclined to speak to him. James tries to step in and protect his girl too which additionally, seems to set Paul off. He does get to Natalie a little later though, by telling them his version of the event that went down with Paulie – that the other guy was the one who suggested they go after James and that Paul never agreed to that idea. He assures her that she’s been manipulated by Nicole. Natalie and Michelle have completely opposite reactions to this news. Natalie believes Paul’s story and feels terrible for nominating him, even crying about it and she feels so guilty. But Michelle sees this as more proof that they need to get rid of Paul. It took nothing for him to manipulate Natalie to tears, which proves how dangerous a player he is. As much as she wants to get rid of Nicole, it’s best for everyone to evict Paul this week.

Unfortunately for them, that just isn’t in the forecast for the house guests. The veto challenge requires them to stay up all night studying, which requires them to battle wind and rain to answer questions about other evicted house guests. The person who gets the most questions correct wins the veto and in this case, that person is Paul with a perfect score. This isn’t a surprise, since he’d actually studied the night before and tried to get everyone he thought he was aligned with to study too. Most of them didn’t, but neither did Nicole or Corey. She tried to feebly tell him that they needed to study, but he was having none of it. He was too interested in what they were doing under the sheets. So Paul wins the veto and now they’ve got to come up with a new plan. Michelle is still all about kicking Nicole out of the house because she thinks she’s a bigger target since she’s terrible at comps and she’s quiet and has never been put on the block. The rest of the house wants Corey on the block though, so she caves and goes with the house instead.

Now we have an interesting situation. There are three votes being cast this week and we know that Nicole will keep Corey and Paul will keep Victor. This leaves James with an important swing vote – he can’t sit on the fence sit anymore. Either he’s on Team Nicole or on team Friendship and I find myself yelling “Team Nicole! Team Nicole!” As I stated earlier, the couples could benefit from sticking together, but who knows how long it will last? As it turns out, it will last longer than any truce with Paul and Victor, who confirm with each other that their plan of attack for next week will be to nominate James and Natalie. Thankfully, he votes Victor out, so NiCorey are safe for another few days at least.

The problem to all of this is that he could be coming back. Yes, one of the jury members will be coming back into the game! Again! The HoH competition is similar in style to the competition they do every year – an endurance comp where the last one standing is the HoH. The last jury member left standing will get back into the house and if that jury member outlasts everyone, they’ll become HoH. I may be inciting more animosity and anger, but I hope Paulie gets back into the house. It’ll definitely make things interesting and it will give those jury girls some time without him, which is probably what they need after letting things get so heated when he joined them. I don’t know about you guys, but the scene at the jury house was a little uncomfortable. Also both sides were in the wrong, in my opinion. I don’t care how terrible a person one is – if a group of people all gang up on a person, he’s going to lash out and defend himself. That doesn’t mean that Paulie’s behaviour was any better. He definitely should have been more humble and he probably should have just kept his mouth shut rather than giving it back to them. I know I wouldn’t have wanted to spend several days in the jury house with those four. The tension would’ve been way too much to deal with.

What did you think of this week’s happenings? Were you happy with the outcome, or did you think Corey deserved to go? And who do you think will be the one to come back this time? Let me know in the comments below, and we’ll see you next week!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. To make statements about the contestants behavior in the absolute can not be done unless you watch the live feeds. Way , way too much editing is done to enhance production value and move along a situation that occurred in the house. While differences of opinion will still occur even when watching the live feeds; a more balanced view of actions can be determined.

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  2. Now that you have most likely seen the jury episode with Paulie, you may have a better idea of his true behavior. Granted, he was outnumbered 3 – 1 by the females in the jury house, but if you listen to what they all had to say, you will have a better picture of how Paulie treated these women, including his showmance partner. Watch and listen to Paulie’s reaction. That is a true picture of how he behaved in the house.

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    • Paulie was wrong and inappropriate. But so we’re the girls. None makes it right, but they pushed his buttons. He’s right, the Natalie’s are not ladies. But he should have controlled himself ..
      Nicole is the lady of the house


  3. Natalie is a complete buffoon. I watch the feeds. She’s a little smart -alec tart who has used all the men and now plays innocent .. A mean girl a+!
    BTW Paulie was inappropriate. But so is Natalie. She instigated every man in the house. “Tart”. On one feed she had paulie doing a butt judging contest of sorts. She loved seeing him perform in front of her
    She’s got James Whipped. And he gets nothing in return. James is plain dumb and thinking with his little Jamsie ..
    Meech is a b@÷ch. She thinks she’s smart, but getting personal with her fights is dumb.


    • What you say may or may not be true, but this is BB and such “truths” do not matter very much. Is Nat employing T&A flirtiness as a strat then playing innocent? Perhaps. Did Paulie employ cockiness with a boy’s club mentality as a game tactic? Very possibly. But here’s the real truth: one of those HGs is still in the game and one is sitting in the jury house, and attempting to impose real-world morality and behavioral expectations onto the BB environment is a fool’s errand. The question is not one of right or wrong, the real question is: what works?


  4. I don’t understand the rationale behind this column. I am newer here and I love longer-form, detailed columns and discussion of the BB environment and game. After reading a few of these entries, I have been puzzled to note that these columns are merely blow-by-blow recaps of the Wednesday episode and game situation with a tiny bit of opinion thrown in – all of it posted a full five days after the fact. The admission above that the author does not engage with the feeds is even more perplexing. Not only has the live eviction and this weeks juror returnee already happened -four days ago, in fact – the game situation has taken several turns since that time. I feel a little badly for saying this, because these columns are extremely well-written and I am all about people who share a passion for BB and moreover take the time and energy to blog about it, but each week I find myself starting each column, realizing that it is a week old, then scanning thru the rest of it to get down to the comments to read what people are saying about the latest and greatest “good stuff.” This probably reads like much more of a criticism than I mean it to be, because as I shared, I find these entries to be quite well written. Perhaps the author might consider skipping the detailed recap of an episode most all of us have watched days ago and focus more on opinion and game prediction? Perhaps an authorial subscription to the feeds might lead to a more in-depth, reality-based column? These are simply ideas, nothing more, and I do thank the author for providing the space for such feedback to be shared in the first place!

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    • When I first started this column, it was more or less purely to recap the episodes. I wrote one article for each episode, and I threw my two cents in here and there. Part of the problem with that though, is that I work two jobs, so I’m not always able to watch the show as it airs. So I decided to write one article a week and try to make it more of a review than a recap. Some weeks I do better than others. For weeks like last week, I’m able to insert more of my opinion than weeks like this one, when not quite as much happened, at least on TV. I wish I had the time (and money) to subscribe to the live feeds, but I just don’t, so all I can comment on is what I see on TV. I do like these discussions though, as long as the discussions don’t amount to “this person is an idiot because she doesn’t watch the live feeds.”

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  5. I hear you, and I do feel your pain! Can’t do much about the time factor, but perhaps next summer we can swing a feeds sub. Withe the rewind feature in place, one doesn’t have to stay glued to the feeds anymore. You can simply wake up and zero right into the time stamps of notable events. As I related, you are a fantastic writer and I want to read more from you, but the delayed episode recaps aren’t the most compelling thing coming so late after the fact. No need to can the recaps simply because a newbie such as me suggests such a thing, but as a BB fan who craves good game discussion, debate and analysis, maybe that is a direction to consider for next summer. Robust BB discussion sites have become a rarity these days, and your authorial gifts and obvious passion for the game/show might provide the grist to make that happen. Might be something to consider over the winter … or possibly not. Either way, I’ll still be reading:)

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